How to Regain Deleted Video Clips?

Deleted any video clips from your system? Does the video clips contain significant event which you cannot capture again and is it necessary to get them back? Then read this page carefully, you will get right solution to solve your problem? This page will help you regaining deleted video clips from computer or any other storage devices.

Video clips are part of longer recordings and have become very popular because of internet. Video clip can either be recorded in any digital gadget or created with image frames using any video editor applications. There are millions of video clips available on internet. Many corporate sites usually add video clip to their websites to introduce their products. Also normal user store video clips in their mobile phones, storage devices and memory card for their entertainment purpose.

Consider a situation like your boss ordered you to record meeting session for backup purpose as many were not attending it regularly. Since there was break for every 30 minutes, you had recorded entire session in multiple video clips and transferred them to your desktop to send it to respective person. Later, to make free space on system hard drive for new files you accidentally deleted video clips along with unwanted movies and emptied Recycle Bin before verifying.

Situation as described here can throw you in to big trouble. Apart from emptying deleted video clips unknowingly from Recycle Bin other possible causes for video clips deletion are:

However, lots of solutions are there that can handle deleted video clips on Windows computer. To get back deleted video clips swiftly one can use best video recovery software. To get effective and immediate results, then use Yodot Photo Recovery software.

Software to restore deleted video clips:

Yodot Photo Recovery is an efficient tool to retrieve video clips from system hard dive, USB drive, memory stick, digital camera, smart phone, SD card, etc. on Windows system. It rescue different video file formats such as MPG, AVI, AVS, MOV, MIDI, VIX, XVID, WMP, WAV, 3GP and so on. It even restores FLV videos and AVCHD movie files from different gadgets. Specific video files can be recovered by providing unique signatures. In addition, this application can find deleted pictures, music files, documents, database files, compressed archives, etc. from various storage devices. This program is compatible with all versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

Procedure to get back deleted video clips:


  • Avoid installing unauthorized video editing software on your system
  • Check twice before deleting unwanted video clips from system
  • Always use updated antivirus software on computer

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