Retrieve Videos from USB Drive

“I mistakenly formatted the USB drive containing my favorite videos. Actually this happened while attempting to format one of the hard drive partitions when USB drive was connected on my computer; I accidentally formatted USB drive in some confusion. But, I am worried about my video files saved in USB drive. It would be grateful for any suitable solution”

USB drive or pen drive is the most used removable storage component that is connected to the system or other devices through USB (Universal Serial Bus) mode. These devices are portable, easy-to-use and platform independent as well as store videos, audios, photos, documents and others. However, this doesn’t mean that USB drives are free from data loss. As mentioned in above scenario, users might erase or lose videos from USB drive. Since videos become most special part of your entertainment, no one can afford to delete or lose them from USB drive.

Some other reason for loss or deletion of videos from USB drive:

  • Human mistakes like accidentally deleting video files from USB drive is one of the main reasons
  • Corruption of USB device file system might lead to “Format error” that force you to erase complete data stored in it along with your videos
  • Abrupt ejection of USB device or power failure while accessing or transferring videos may results in loss of videos that are under processing
  • Suspicious virus / malware attacks on the USB pen drive will result in its corruption and make its data inaccessible inducing your pervious videos stored in it

How to recover videos from USB drive?

The lost or erased videos from USB devices can be easily retrieved back with the aid of powerful media file recovery application like Yodot Photo Recovery. The software can restore deleted or missing video files from your USB drive on Windows system. Its friendly interface assists easy and simple way to get back videos along with audios, photos and other files from USB drive. You can even rescue videos and other media files from other storage devices like hard disks, external hard drives, memory cards and many more. The application is compatible to run on various versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Steps to perform video recovery from USB drive:

  • Download the Yodot Photo Recovery application and install the software to Windows system
  • Connect your USB drive to that computer
  • Launch the application setup and stick to the main screen instructions
  • Use “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to get back deleted video files or use “Lost Photo Recovery” option to restore lost or missing videos from USB
  • The program scans the entire system and displays all the logical and external drives (USB drive)
  • Select the drive which identifies your USB drive and click on “Next” button
  • The software starts scanning process and displays deleted / lost video files from the selected drive
  • Mark the files and folders which you would like to bring back
  • Finally, save the retrieved files to your desired destination location but not on to the same USB drive

Recommended Instructions:

  • Avoid storing new data on USB drive after deleting or losing video files
  • Store multiple copies of your favorite videos on more than one store device
  • Do not eject USB device abruptly while transferring videos or any other files

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