How to Recover MTS Files?

Want to resurrect your HD memories? Looking to uncover the lost MTS files? MTS stands for (MPEG Transport Stream) these files are used for high-definition video recordings. However, at times data loss or corruption occurs to your MTS files and leaves you in distress. No need to think more about recovering MTS files, this article will walk you through tried and tested manual ways and the Photo Recovery tool like Yodot to recover mts video files.

Written by Lucy John on June 14, 2023

What is the MTS File Format?

MTS is a popular video file format, especially used for high-definition video capturing on Sony and Panasonic camcorders. It was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group(MPEG) and it is associated with AVCHD(Advanced Video Coding High Definition) video files. This file format facilitates good storage allocation and is ideal for high-quality video content.

Below is the user on the forum who has got corrupt .mts files and looking for ways to fix them. Here, in this article, I will be explaining to you guys about recovering mts video files with possible ways. Before going into the solutions for mts file recovery. I will explain, what caused the loss/deletion of MTS files

Table of Contents:

Causes for Loss/Deletion of MTS Video Files

How to Recover MTS Video Files?

1. Recover through Recycle Bin

2. Recover MTS Files Via Previous Backup

3. Yodot Photo Recovery to Recover MTS Files

Suggestions to Avoid Loss of MTS Files




Hi all

My Sony HDR-CX280E suddenly and without warning began producing corrupt files halfway through our recent holiday in Alaska. The first 84 files or so on the SD card were all OK, but the next 60 or so were not - however, it only advised me that there was a problem several days later, I am now trying to recover these .mts files. They all show an appropriate size in MB but appear to be unreadable by all the software I have tried (e.g. VLC reader).

Does anyone know of any software that may help salvage these files? I have found plenty of different programs that will recover deleted files from the SD card but none that seem to actually repair corrupt files. I have tried to attach the smallest file of the set to demonstrate the corruption, but .mts files don’t seem to be permissible here. I could email it to anyone prepared to assist me.

If anyone can crack this problem then I'd be most grateful!


In the above scenario, the user faced a terrible situation with his corrupt mts files when he has been on a trip to Alaska. In the below section, I have explained what are the possible causes of corrupt/lost/deleted MTS video files.

Causes for Loss/Deletion of MTS Video Files

How to Recover MTS Video Files?

Below I have talked about recovering deleted mts files with recycle bin, previous backup, and the reliable Yodot Photo Recovery tool. Let’s have a detailed explanation in the below part.

1. Recover through Recycle Bin

MTS file recovery is made easy and simple through recycle bin. With recycle bin you can quickly perform MTS video file recovery with the below given steps:

2. Recover MTS Files Via Previous Backup

If you have a backup on external devices like an external hard drive, USB drive, memory cards, or in a cloud storage medium. You can easily recover mts video files.

However, MTS video file recovery is possible using a data restoration tool as mentioned before. Yodot Photo Recovery will help you to get back the MTS video file.

3. Yodot Photo Recovery to Recover MTS Files

MTS video files can be retrieved using Yodot Photo Recovery software on your Windows computers efficiently. This utility is capable of restoring MTS files lost or deleted in any situation from different storage devices like hard drives, external hard drives, SD cards, USB drives, etc.. by supporting more than 70+ file formats.

Step-by-step process for MTS video file recovery by the tool:

Suggestions to Avoid Loss of MTS Files:

  • Keep backup of MTS video files on any secure drive to restore them in case of file loss
  • Use powerful anti-virus software to avoid corruption of MTS video file


Mts video file recovery is made possible by this article. Always, handle the MTS files safely to avoid any loss. Use the Yodot Photo Recovery if the manual methods are not helping you. Upgrade yourself with the latest tech articles to avoid any file corruption, loss/deletion of files, etc.

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