How to Fix MicroSD Needs to be Formatted Error

In certain situations, Windows or any other device might fail to detect the Micro SD card or may show errors like “Micro SD card says it needs to be formatted”, “Micro SD card not formatted error” or “You need to format the drive”, etc. This kind of error message occurs when your SD card is corrupted. So, now the question is how to recover files from corrupted SD card? Don't worry, when you encounter this kind of error, try the below-mentioned method before formatting your MicroSD card, to access your card.

Run chkdsk on MicroSD card to fix MicroSD card needs to be formatted error:

Running chkdsk on MicroSD card may fix the not formatted error. As this error occurs when your card file system gets corrupted due to any reason. To run chkdsk, connect MicroSD card to Windows, then note down drive letter of the card.

  • Open Command Prompt and type chkdsk Drivename: /f (Replace Drive name with MicroSD card drive letter)
  • Press Enter
  • It takes time if there is any error in MicroSD card

When it is done, try to access your MicroSD card. If the same problem persists even after running chkdsk, then format your card. It will erase your data at the same time it helps to fix MicroSD card needs to be formatted error. Later, use Yodot Picture Recovery tool and get back all the data erased from MicroSD card. The advantage of using this tool is it also helps to recover data from MicroSD card that is inaccessible. Due to not formatted error.

Recover Files from Formatted Micro SD Card using Yodot Photo Recovery tool-

Yodot Photo Recovery is robust and reliable data recovery tool, which helps you to recover data after formatting Micro SD card. Yodot Photo Recovery tool helps to restore all kinds of media files such as audios/videos, photo files, documents and many more from formatted Micro SD card. Apart from Micro SD card, the software restores data from Mini SD card, SDHC, SDXC, SD, XD card, CF card, MMC, Memory Sticks and other storage devices. It is flexible to run on all the editions of Windows OS like Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008. In addition, utilizing this utility, you can even restore deleted videos and photos from Cell Phones with ease.

Simple Tutorial to Perform Data Recovery from Formatted Micro SD Card:

Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery application on your Windows desktop or laptop by logging in as a Local System Administrator. Launch the tool and connect your Micro SD card to it.

  • The main screen will show two options “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Now select “Lost Photo Recovery” option to retrieve missing data. This shifts you to another screen with all the logical drives and externally connected devices
  • Select the drive that indicates your Micro SD card and click on “Next” button
  • The software scans your selected Micro SD card and rescues complete data
  • On the next screen, you will find recovered data from Micro SD card
  • Select desired files and preview them using “Preview” option
  • At last, save retrieved files to any accessible drive on your Windows system

Reasons for MicroSD card needs to be formatted error-

  • Micro SD Card Corruption: If you try to access the Micro SD card before its data completely get mounted on the host device or disconnecting the device while accessing its contents may lead to Micro SD card corruption.
  • Attack by Virus: In case Micro SD card is infected by virus or malware, the system or other electronic devices may pop up various format errors, where you need to format Micro SD card to free it from such errors
  • File System Corruption: Due to abnormal power surge while transferring data from Micro SD card to the system or logical error may lead to file system corruption and asks you to format the Micro SD card
  • Incompatibility Issues: When the portable digital device and operating system don’t support a Micro SD card, then you will face incompatibility issues. In such scenarios, if you forced to access the data from Micro SD card, then the device might impact to formatting issues.

The course of actions to be followed:

  • Avoid usage of Micro SD card after you get error messages from Micro SD card
  • It is always recommended to detach Micro SD card in safe mode using “Eject” or “Safe Remove Hardware” options
  • Make sure that your system is free from viruses before connecting the Micro SD card
  • Read all the pop-ups while using Micro SD card and proceed further

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