How Can I Unformat Micro SD Card?

Have you ever formatted micro SD card accidentally? Or intentionally formatted it and later realized the importance of formatted data? Then this article will surely help you. To know how, read further….

Number of SD card users come across situations where useful data from micro SD gets erased due to format. Let us see one of such real-time incident.

“I plugged my micro SD card into my laptop for backing up some newly taken pictures and videos. But it asked me if I want to “format” this SD card. I clicked on “OK’’ since I was not aware of what was going on as I was in hurry. After that But later I realized that I have deleted had lost entire data from my card. I am really worried as I don’t have backup of those files. Is there a way to unformat the micro SD card? If any of you know how to do it then please let me know. Thanks in advance!”

Whenever user face any sort of problem in computer or other storage device, they prefer formatting. But instead of solving the problem improper formatting results in other serious problems like data loss. Many users won’t keep maintain proper backup every day. As a result, user will lose crucial files due to accidental or improper formatting. While dealing with these kinds of formatting issues, you should make use of an apt and trustworthy recovery tool; to easily bring back your micro SD card data.

Note: Do not save any new files on to card until you are done with recovery process.

Reliable tool to unformat micro SD card:

If data stored on formatted micro SD card is precious for you, then go for Yodot Photo Recovery software. This micro SD card recovery tool is an appreciated and well suited option to deal with this kind of situations. This application has caliber to regain audios, video, photos, RAW images etc. within short amount span of time. It is equipped with innovative scanning methodology which can even recover formatted SD card with outmost ease. In addition to micro SD card, this software can extract data from other media cards, hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive, iPods etc. It works on read only mode, so user need not to bother about data security. After recovery process, files will be arranged according to size, date, type and extension. This tool enables you to search files based on unique file signatures. It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008).

Step by step guidance to use the recovery tool:

Preventive Actions:

  • Do not format your SD card without backing up necessary files
  • Avoid mishandling storage devices to get rid of format error
  • Do not save new data on formatted card as it leads to overwriting
  • Regularly scan memory card to protect from virus

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