How to Recover Pictures from Damaged Micro SD Card?

“I use 16GB SanDisk micro SD card on my mobile phone to save songs, captured pictures, videos, etc. Today, I dismounted my memory card from phone and connected it on another mobile phone. But, to my surprise the card didn’t show any of the files on it. All my files are entirely gone due to some fault in the card. Can anyone please suggest any good solution on how to retrieve pictures from damaged micro SD card?”

Micro SD card that is included in Secure Digital series of memory card is one of the widely used memory storage on cellular phones, Smartphones, Tablets, cameras, MP3 players and other digital gadgets. This small chip sized storage device can hold data ranging from 2GB to 64GB. This portable simple-to-use storage media is produced by number of manufacturers like SanDisk, Lexar, Transcend, Sony, Samsung, and many more. However, the files saved on micro SD card may become out of your reach when the card gets damaged.

Memory card like micro SD may get damaged due to reasons like:

  • Improper reformatting/formatting procedures, damage to registry file, etc. can lead to file system corruption that in turn causes card damage
  • Using same micro SD card on multiple gadgets will eventually cause damage to functionality of the card thus making it corrupt
  • Connecting micro SD card on virus infected systems will give way for entry of malicious viruses into the card making it corrupt and inaccessible
  • Other times, micro SD card may get damaged when it is abruptly removed from system or from any gadget during read / write process; saving data on to the card when there is no free memory, etc.can all damage micro SD card

Accordingly, in all the above mentioned scenarios pictures as well as other data on micro SD card remains unreadable due to damage. But, don’t think that you have completely lost your precious photos. One may easily get back those inaccessible micro SD card photos with the help of relevant photo recovery tool.

Which software can perform damaged micro SD card photo recovery?

The most renowned picture retrieval tool recommended by industry experts is Yodot Photo Recovery software. This tool is excellent in recovering media data from damaged or corrupt micro SD memory card in an efficient way. The tool performs rigorous scanning for photos, RAW images, videos, songs and other files by using unique signature search. Photo file types like jpg, tiff, gif, img, pic, cr2, nef, sr2, orf, etc. can be extracted from various digital camera models, mobile phones, Smartphones, iPods, etc. on Windows operated computers. It also supports recovery of media files from hard drives, memory cards, iPods, external storage devices. Yodot Mac Photo Recovery can be utilized by Mac users to bring back photos from damaged Micro SD card on Mac OS X system.

Follow these steps to retrieve back micro SD card pictures:

  • Connect your damaged micro SD card to a Windows computer
  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery tool on that system
  • Run the utility after complete installation process
  • Now,in the main screen select ‘Lost Photo Recovery’ option and click next
  • In next screen select the drive associated to damaged micro SD card and proceed
  • Now, the software scans the micro SD card from which data is inaccessible taking few seconds
  • In the upcoming window, all restored pictures will be listed
  • Toggle between Data View and File Type view options to locate required image files
  • Then target a destination location on system drive and save selected pictures files

Necessary Tips:

  • Do not use same micro SD card on multiple gadgets
  • Always have correct backup of precious pictures from micro SD card
  • Maintain powerful antivirus program to avoid malicious virus attack to micro SD card

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