Get Back AVI Videos from SD Card

Audio Video Interleave file is the outcome of Microsoft Corporation which has kept the acronym AVI. It is the basic multimedia file format that is used in almost all systems, media players and other storage devices that support this video file format like SD card, flash drive, external hard drive and so on. Different online applications use this AVI file format for storing online conversations like Skype and other messengers.

Now coming to transfer process, these AVI files can easily be used for sharing on different computers via SD card. Sometimes there might be loss of valuable information (AVI files) that is present in SD card due to some scenarios that are mentioned below.

List of scenarios that cause loss or deletion of AVI files from SD card

  • Deleting your AVI file while previewing them on the system will cause permanent deletion from SD card
  • Abrupt removal of SD card from your computer when the read or write process is going on will also lead to loss of valuable AVI files
  • Unintentional format of SD card will wipe out the entire information that is stored in it including the AVI files
  • Loss of AVI files is incurred when the SD card has been infected with virus or other threats
  • Sudden loss of power when you’re watching some movies which are in AVI video format can also cause loss of AVI files
  • Unexpected system crash when the SD card is connected to the computer can also result in missing of AVI data as the storage device (SD card) gets corrupted

If you have faced any such situations and are desperate to get back your AVI files off SD card, then there is no need to get distressed. The AVI files are present in the same place in which they were saved. Only the links of these AVI files have been removed from SD card’s file system, so that new information can be added in this place. With the use of this data recovery application you can retrieve AVI files from SD card and get access to them quite easily. Even if you are thinking how to decrypt an encrypted SD card that contains precious media data, how to get back missing videos from a corrupted storage then here is a way to restore your files.

How to perform AVI File Recovery?

Here is the best answer for the above question. Yodot Photo Recovery is the most suitable media recovery program that allows you to restore AVI files and view the contents of AVI file without further interruption. With the support of powerful scanning engines, this program effectively scans the entire drive in a minimum amount of time and provides you with the list of AVI files that can be restored. This utility not only restores AVI files, but can also recover other forms of data like photos, music files and other important information. By using the demo version of photo recovery utility, you can evaluate your chances of getting data from selected storage media and easily review the performance of the tool.

Follow these simple steps for AVI file recovery from SD card:

  • Download and install the application by logging in as local system administrator
  • Connect your SD card to the computer and then launch the tool
  • The options provided in the main screen are “Deleted Photo Recovery” and “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Click on the desired option which has caused loss of AVI files from SD card
  • As soon as one of the option is selected you will get the list of drives and other external devices connected to the your computer
  • Select the drive from where your AVI files have been lost and then click on Next button
  • After the completion of the recovery process, the restored files can be previewed before saving them to the respective file location

Tips for Backup:

  • Keep a backup of all your AVI files in a separate drive
  • Install a good antivirus application in your system so as to prevent it from virus attack
  • Use proper procedure for the removal of the SD card from the computer

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