How to Fix Email Stuck in Outlook 2016 Issue

Are you in a situation where a vital email got stuck in the Outlook Outbox, and it just refused to move out of that folder? This problem can arise due to many reasons like:

As there can be a number of reasons behind this problem, so even the solutions can be many depending upon the cause of problem. Let’s have a look at the solution for the problem “Email got stuck in the Outlook Outbox 2016 and refused to be sent”.

Solution #1: If the issue is due to large attachment…

Sometimes, the email gets stuck in the Outlook Outbox folder because the attachment that you are trying to send with the email is enormous. You must know that there is a limit on the attachment size that can be transmitted through Outlook. If the problem is due to massive attachment size, then you can fix it by decreasing the size of the attachment. Once, you have reduced the size, try to send the mail email again.

Solution #2: If it is due to network issues…

You might also be in such situation where the issue is not in the Outlook. You might have been trying to send an email without having network connectivity. If you regularly face problem in internet connectivity, then you should check whether your internet is working or not. If the problem is due to network connectivity, try contacting your network administrator.

Solution #3: If it is due to usage of Outlook by a third party apps…

Your email might be facing the problem because the Outlook app is being used by a third party, which is denying permission for the email to be sent. If you doubt that any third party is also using your Outlook, then check which these apps are. Try to remove the connection of that app with Outlook, and then try to send the email again. You can disable all apps as a quick remedy.

Solution #4: If it is due to wrong settings…

If you are unable to send the email from Outbox due to an incorrect setting, then you can fix it with a simple solution. Just correct the configuration by going to the File option and then proceed to Info > click Account Settings. Now under the Email tab, enter your password if you have changed it recently. Then, finally check whether the Outgoing Server Information is proper or not.

Last but not the least, check whether you are trying to send the email from Outlook in the offline mode or not. If your Outlook is working in the Offline mode, set it on to the online mode and then try sending the email.

However, if none of the solutions is working, the then chances are high that the OST file that you are using is corrupt. You can fix this problem by converting OST to PST. You can use Yodot OST to PST Converter Software to convert OST to PST. And, once the conversion is complete, you can easily import the PST in your MS Outlook.

“If you are looking to repair PST file, you can make use of Yodot Outlook PST Repair Tool. Using this tool, you can also recover deleted email folder and other attributes of an Outlook PST file.”

Follow the simple procedure for 2016 OST to PST file conversion

Now, you can send an email on your Outlook 2016 without any hassle.

Useful info

  • Avoid using unknown third party applications for OST to PST conversion process
  • As virus infection is the main cause for OST file corruption, install a good antivirus program on your system hard disk

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