Recover Deleted Photos which are Not in Recycle Bin

“I was deleting few files from my Windows computer and at the time of deletion, mistakenly I have chosen I folder that contained photos of my childhood. Soon after realizing, I visited Recycle Bin to restore those photos but for my astonishment the folder was not visible on Recycle Bin. Can anyone tell me the reason for the issue and the solution to overcome it?”.

This problem is common among computer users especially the one who do not have much knowledge about computer. In case you have met with similar situation then this page will tell you the reason behind it and the way to resolve it. Usually there are few reasons why deleted photos do not get stored in Recycle Bin. Here are they:

Apart from above discussed causes there are certain other situations where you are unable to restore deleted photos from Recycle Bin. i.e. when the Bin is corrupted. At that time you definitely inquire that my Recycle Bin is corrupted but I need files from it. How can I recover them?

Therefore, it is suggested to backup important photos to any safe location. In order to take backup directly copy and paste required files to the desired location or click on “Backup your computer” option from “Control Panel”. It will automatically backup entire data from your computer to the preferred location. However, most of the users realize to backup photos only after they lose pictures from their computer. For them we want to introduce outstanding photo recovery software named Yodot Photo Recovery.

More about Yodot Photo Recovery:

Yodot Photo Recovery software will show your pictures when Recycle Bin fails to displays them. When you run this application, it will display all the folders along with Recycle Bin folder so you can click on this folder to find for the deleted pictures. If you have different users on your computer and lost pictures from that account’s Recycle Bin, then it will display Recycle Bin folder of the particular account so that it will be an easier task for you to regain deleted pictures. Apart from that if you have moved other files like music, videos, documents and so on then software will even display them so that you can also choose them if you need. The software also recovers deleted video files from computer, memory cards, USB flash drives, pen drives, and other mass storage devices with ease. We want you to satisfy with its result so included “Preview” option in it. It will help you to view retrieved images and you can decide whether you want to buy the application or not.

Procedure to regain photos which are not present in Recycle Bin:

Keep in mind:

  • Do not change settings of Recycle Bin folder
  • It is suggested not to use Command Prompt function to delete photos from your computer

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