How to Recover Pictures from Recycle Bin?

You have moved some photos from your computer hard drive to the Recycle Bin thinking that those photos are of no use. When you opened the folder that contained your photos, you got to know that you have accidentally deleted some important photos earlier. This didn’t make you worry, as knew that photos are safe in Recycle Bin. Later you right clicked on the “Recycle Bin” folder to open and restore photos. But instead of selecting “Open”, you mistakenly clicked on “Empty Recycle Bin” option.

Even though you get error warning “Are you sure you want to permanently delete these items?” without noticing you proceeded and clicked on Yes. This permanently erased items stored in Recycle Bin along with your valuable pictures. But don’t think that you lost photos forever. Photos deleted after emptying Recycle Bin can be restored from hard drive using reliable file recovery software.

How photos are deleted/erased from Recycle Bin are:

  • If you delete files from hard disk when the Recycle Bin is full, then newly deleted files might push out the older files present in your Recycle Bin. If the older files are photo files, then they are deleted from recycle Bin
  • Selecting few files, folders or pictures from Recycle Bin, then right clicking on the selected items and choosing “Delete” option will erase selected photos from Recycle Bin
  • As you know that Recycle Bin is only about 10% of your hard drive space. Deleting photos or folder containing images, whose size is more than Recycle Bin size will automatically bypass Recycle Bin folder
  • Pictures deleted using Shift - Delete keys does not get redirected to Recycle Bin folder and get erased from system

Recovering Pictures from Recycle Bin:

Yodot Photo Recovery software provides amazing results by recovering not only photos, but lot more files from Recycle Bin. If at all you want to recover only photos, this software provides you the option to select only photo files. You can restore generic photo formats JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, NEF, TIF, PSP along with RAW image files from popular DSLR cameras. This tool will also help you get back pictures from laptop hard drive after accidental deletion, formatting, corruption or reformatting the partitions on hard drive. This mullti-device compatible application aids you to restore photo files from USB, pen drive, external drive, media cards and so on. Moreover, this software is compatible with all Windows OS including the latest Windows 10, and so you can easily recover permanently deleted photos from Windows 7, 10, 8 & 8.1, XP, Vista, Server 2003 & 2008, and Windows 2000.

If you are wondering how do I retrieve my deleted video from SD card then Yodot is the ideal way.

Procedure to perform image recovery from Recycle Bin:

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery tool
  • Launch the program and follow as per the instructions
  • Select “Deleted Photo Recovery” option to recover deleted photos from Recycle Bin
  • If photos were lost without your knowledge then click on “Lost Photo Recovery”
  • Now, select the drive from which you want to recover photos and click “Next” button
  • Select file types which you want to restore then click “Next” to follow with scanning
  • After completion of scan, verify restorable files in "Data View" / "File Type View"
  • Preview recovered picture files and “Save” them in target destination

Helpful information

  • Be careful while opening Recycle Bin as you may click on “Empty Recycle Bin” instead of “Open” and empty it without restoring photos
  • Make sure that you clear Recycle Bin after checking contents from it
  • Do not delete huge amount of photos at once

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