How to Get Deleted Pictures Back on Your Phone?

One may love their mobile phones more than anything!!! This is because apart from providing facility to communicate, phones are capable of installing games, applications, operating system, Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G connections. Plus to these features the cell phones are mainly used for capturing crystal clear photos and recording high quality videos. Nowadays one can get high mega-pixel resolution front and rear camera features in phones. And it even has ability to share captured images over social networking sites within few clicks, which makes people to use their mobile phone frequently to capture pictures.

Almost all people are crazy about capturing pictures on their phones and store them in order to preserve their special and unforgettable events. Therefore it becomes annoying when you involuntarily delete them from phone. If you remove any of images from mobile phone, then you might feel how hard it is to get back as past days would not come back and you cannot recreate erased pictures. Before we do further discussion about recovering deleted pictures from phone, let us briefly look into certain scenarios responsible for deletion of images from your phone as listed below:

How can I restore deleted pictures from my phone? If it is your query after removing photos from phone due to any of above discussed situations, then here you will get renowned photo recovery application i.e Yodot Photo Recovery to restore deleted photos from your mobile phone in short duration of time.

Deleted picture recovery from mobile phone:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the most commonly used deleted photo file recovery program. The software rescues deleted images successfully on Windows system. In addition, you can regain removed lost picture files form hard drives, pen drives, camcorders, portable hard drives and other devices. Along with pictures, this application is especially designed for extracting all media files such as audios, videos and other files from various storage drives on Windows OS. The various versions of Windows operating systems supported by this software are Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008 and 2003.

Steps to retrieve deleted pictures from phone:


  • Stay away from saving new data on phone after deleting picture from phone to avoid overwriting of data
  • There is high chance for virus attacks to phone when you use it in various devices so avoid doing such acts

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