Audacity AU Files Recovery

“Hey guys, I am using Windows 7 operating system and recently I had some trouble while recording audio with famous audio editing tool called Audacity. Every time when the recording process was completed, the files were saved in temporary folder. After entire set of recordings were completed; I went to the location where the files were stored but I just couldn’t find them. I tried searching every place in the drive, but it was of no use. Anyone, please help me out, I have spent several hours on this work. Thanks in advance”

Audacity is an audio editing tool that provides you with ability to record multiple tracks at the same time. As soon the recording process gets completed, the recorded data is saved in a temporary folder. Some of the well-known features of this audio editing tool are:

  • Supports importing of WAV, AIFF, MP3, WMA, AAC, AMR and other file formats
  • Recording and playback sounds, with unlimited editing via cut paste method
  • Multi track mixing can be done with huge array of digital effects
  • Noise removal, change in audio pitch without causing any effect in the speed of the audio
  • This tool can be easily installed on Windows, Mac as well as Linux platforms respectively

After the completion of the recording process, the entire set of information is saved on the hard drive to specified destination location as given by user. With more number of recording carried out, the space present in your logical drive may vary off and additional set of recorded audio cannot be saved. In a bid to move the files to secure destination location, uncertainties do prevail that cause loss or deletion of audacity files from Windows system. Below listed are few scenarios that render loss or deletion of Audacity files:

  • Accidental deletion of audacity files while trying to move them to secure destination location
  • Increase in the number of bad sectors on the logical drive where audacity files are saved
  • Abrupt removal of external storage media when audacity files are being transferred from system to it
  • Emptying Recycle Bin folder without proper check of files and folders can lead to loss of audacity files

Audacity file recovery tool

Yodot Photo Recovery is an advanced photo recovery utility that can bring back audacity files that have been lost or deleted as a result of various scenarios as mentioned above. It provides advanced list of options to rescue Audacity AU files in a minimum time with much ease. Apart from audacity files, this utility can also get back other audio file formats MP3, MP4, ASF, ASX, WMV, AVS, AMR, MIDI, M3D, WMA, RM, etc. Other than audio files, users can also regain various types of video files, RAW images, generic photos, MS Office documents, ZIP/RAR archives, etc by using this tool. Along with Audacity files, users can retrieve variety of media files from hard drives, SSDs, external hard drives, memory cards, iPods, USB drives and other storage media with the help of this media file recovery tool. Easy and secure installation process can be carried out various PCs/laptops running like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 operating systems. If any issues are faced during file recovery process, feel free to contact our technical support team who are available round the clock.

Simple steps to recover lost / deleted Audacity files from Windows OS:

  • Download and install Yodot Photo Recovery tool in the system by logging in as local system administrator
  • Run the program and follow the simple steps that are provided on the main screen of the utility
  • Click on ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ or ‘Lost Photo Recovery’, based on the scenario that has resulted in loss of audacity files
  • Now, proceed to next screen where you can select the drive from where recovery process has to be carried out
  • Once the drive is selected, proceed to next window where you can mark the file types
  • Upon selecting the file types, proceed to the recovery process
  • As soon as the recovery process gets completed, the recovered list of files can be viewed in Data View or File Type View
  • Select the desired type of view and proceed to saving the file on known destination location as applicable to user


  • Install best antivirus protection to prevent virus attack
  • Keep backup of important audacity files in separate external hard drive
  • Double check the files before deleting them from system or any external storage drive