How to Get Back Old Pictures from Phone?

“I have many old pictures saved in my phone. Due to lack of storage space, I copied entire old photos from mobile to desktop drive. All of a sudden, system terminated in middle of transfer process. Later I searched entire system HDD and phone memory. To my surprise, none of the images where present in it. Is there any possible way to recover old photos from mobile? Awaiting for your answer!!!”

Mobile phone assists everyone to maintain updates of day to day work life as well as personal life easily. At the same time, most of the mobiles are equipped with camera to capture plenty of photos that get saved in phone memory. Many phones support memory card to extend storage capacity beyond its internal memory to save unlimited pictures. Such users regularly pile up all old good photos to cherish various memories. However, sometimes saved old pictures on mobile phone can be lost or deleted due to many unknown situations.

Scenarios that results in loss or deletion of files from phone:

Many users encounter terrible file loss situation and ask for help on how to recover photos from mobile phone memory. In this circumstances, this page will clearly tell you how to bring back images from it with ease. Get the solution and regain the photos whenever you face file loss.

Software to recover old pictures from phone:

Yodot Photo Recovery application can retrieve missed or wiped old pictures from phone memory on different versions of Windows operating system efficiently. This product can restore pictures along with audio files, Office files, compressed files and so on. It provides read only mode that does not alter original source file during recovery process. It consists of many advanced features like RAW search, Preview, file compression, etc. which makes your recovery process more easy and reliable. One can recover files from memory card, external hard drive, flash drive, SSD drive, internal hard drive, etc. with ease. Along with mobile phone, it can recover photos from digicam, camcorder, etc on Windows 10, Window 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 OS based computer. Try the demo version of Photo Recovery utility to verify chances of restoring lost or erased images. If satisfied with result then one should purchase the product to activate 'Save Recovery Session' and save recovered files.

Steps to restore old images from phone:

Reliable Points:

  • Avoid connecting your phone to virus infected computer
  • Keep backup of your favorite old images in some efficient external storage device to avoid file loss

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