How Do I Restore My Pictures Folder?

‘My Pictures’ is the default folder that is present in most of the Windows operating systems where photos are saved. The main purpose of this folder is to store all the images files, irrespective of its file format. To access these photo files, go to Windows Start button and select My Pictures option from the given list.

“We had been on a recent trip to a nearby resort and during this period I took many pictures in my camera. After returning back, I was eager to look at the pictures that were taken. So I connected my camera to my Windows PC and transferred all pictures to ‘My pictures’ folder. As I was viewing those memorable moments, there was sudden power outage to the system and thus it got turned off. On turning on the system, to my surprise some of the photos from my pictures folder were missing. What to do now? Is there any way to get them back?”

Loss of photos do happen at any point of time as the OS does not provide complete protection against loss of important image files. Relax! There is no need to get anxious! Your photos will be present in the same location where they were saved before; only the index entries associated with these pictures will be removed from file allocation table. Lost or deleted photos on Windows systems can be easily retrieved with the help of best photo recovery tool.

Loss or deletion of My pictures folder occur due to:

Nevertheless, photos lost from system due to any of these reasons can be retrieved back with the help of excellent photo recovery application available and many industry experts recommend using Yodot Photo Recovery software.

About proficient Picture Recovery tool:

Yodot Photo Recovery is the most known image restoring application to recover pictures lost or deleted from my pictures folder due to various scenarios. Powerful scanning algorithms, the inclusion of Save Recovery session, Find tool, option to preview media files before saving them, etc are some of the most talked features of Yodot Photo Recovery utility. Using this photo recovery software, user can not only recover pictures from system, but also can get back media files from external hard drives, hard drive partitions, memory cards, pen drives, FireWire drives and other storage media on Windows OS. On completion of the recovery process, user can sort the file types in two views namely “Data View” and “File Type View”. Toggle between the required views and proceed to saving the image files.

Yodot has another version for Mac users called Mac Photo Recovery that can extract all media files in same procedure. More to this is it one of the coolest way to restore data from iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle and iPod Mini during various breakdown circumstances.

Steps for recovering My Pictures folder from Windows system:

Safety Tips:

  • Avoid abrupt removal of external storage media while copying pictures from my pictures folder
  • Keep backup of all the pictures in a separate external hard drive
  • Avoid using incompatible third party applications in the system

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