PowerPoint File Repair after Header Corruption

PowerPoint is a desktop application utility from Microsoft, which is used to create and manage presentation file. This tool helps user to make attractive and interactive slides by including effects like sounds, photos, design, graphics, animations etc. PPT files created using MS Office 2000 and 2003 are saved in PPT extension and the file created using later versions are saved in PPTX format. However, PPT files usually get corrupt and inaccessible due to numerous reasons. For example consider the below situation.

“I worked very hard on my project presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint; I constantly saved the PPT file after every modification and all of a sudden electro static power surge occurred and my computer turned off improperly. I restarted the system only to find out that PowerPoint file which I was working on has become inaccessible, I don’t know what the reason is. Can I repair my inaccessible PPT file?”.

Need not worry, not only you most of the users come up with such issues? In such situation you would be eagerly looking for a way to repair and reuse your Microsoft presentation file. The reason behind your PPT file inaccessibility is due to header corruption, a header is vital part of any PowerPoint file where information’s like PPT file name, size of the file, modification date, creation date, etc are stored. So any damage to the header makes PPT/PPTX file inaccessible. The header of PowerPoint file can be damaged due to following reasons:

  • PowerPoint file header gets damaged, if the Registry Policy settings are not set properly
  • Sudden power failure while using or editing PowerPoint document
  • Macro virus infections on the Microsoft presentation file
  • Interruption while downloading the PPT file from internet
  • Improper system termination while accessing the PPT file and many other reasons

How to fix PowerPoint header file corruption?

PPT file corruption due to header file can be repaired using Yodot PPT Repair the software has a friendly interface, through which you will be able to fix and restore PPT slides along with its attributes like text, pictures, objects, animations, charts, tables, sound effects etc. More to this the tool uses in built advance algorithm to repair corrupt PPT, PPTX and PPS files with actual presentation headers and footers.

How to use the software?

  • Download Yodot software and install the application to a healthy desktop / laptop
  • Launch the repair utility by clicking on application shortcut icon
  • Stick to the main screen procedures
  • Choose the PowerPoint file which is to be repaired
  • After selection, click on “Repair” button to start the repair process
  • You can view the repair process via progress bar
  • After completion of the repair process, the software allows you to preview the repaired PPT file
  • At last, save your fixed PPT / PPTX file to your desired destination location

Things to remember:

  • Avoid interruptions during PPT file download process
  • Use antivirus program to remove viruses that causes header corruption
  • Make use of a quality UPS device to prevent improper system termination
  • Avoid sharing your PPT file over different computer networks