How to Fix Error Accessing PowerPoint File?

Tensed that you can’t access your PowerPoint file? Worrying about the work you have completed? This may be because of some human and system errors. Be calm this article will help you to fix the error accessing PowerPoint file issue. Read the article entirely to fix the error and be worry-free.

Written by Lucy John on February 22, 2023

Can’t open the powerpoint presentation? Are you getting a similar error message that states, “There was an error accessing C:\documents and settings\username\Presentation.pptx”? Continue reading this article to fix the PowerPoint files that are not opening in just a few clicks.

Typically, an error accessing PowerPoint files message indicates that a PPT/PPTX file is corrupt. Which may result in the PowerPoint can’t open or save this file, thereby there are chances of losing all the valuable data within.

Powerpoint files can get corrupted unexpectedly, without any warning, leaving its users with many hardships, as they heavily rely on this application to create important business presentations. However, corruption is not only the sole reason for the “PowerPoint can’t open or save this file” issue.

Why is my PowerPoint File Showing Accessing File Error?

The main reason for getting PowerPoint Error Accessing File is usually file corruption. When a file is corrupted, vital elements may be missing, making it impossible to view the document. The types of information could be drawing objects, hyperlinks, graphs, or even text. There are many reasons for PPT/PPTX file corruption, few of them are mentioned below:

Note:You can try to fix the Microsoft PowerPoint can’t open or save this file error using the below mentioned quick fix solutions.

Try These Quick Fixes:

How to Fix Cannot Access PowerPoint File Error?

The problem of PowerPoint not opening can be resolved in many ways. Here are a few steps you can take to get PowerPoint working using the below methods.

1. Unblock the Corrupt PowerPoint File

You may receive the error if you have downloaded a file from the Internet or any network or received an email and saved it on your computer. As a result, you cannot open the PowerPoint file.

To unblock the file, proceed as follows:

2. Disable Protected View in PPT

Then under this option and on the right-side pane uncheck the boxes that enable the function. Once through, click on Ok to close the program.

3. Start PowerPoint in Safe Mode

This method will help you edit the corrupted file, though some format may be missing, it opens the file in working mode after which you can finally edit the file as per your requirements.

Here is how it is done.

If the above mentioned methods won’t workout, you need to take the help of a reliable application like Yodot PPT File Repair software to fix the Microsoft PowerPoint won’t open issue.

Yodot PPT Repair application can fix various corrupt PPT issues like msi error in PowerPoint, frozen PowerPoint, error while saving the PowerPoint, and many more.

4. Repair PPT File Can’t Access Issue Using Yodot PPT Repair

Yodot PPT Repair software application has a very strong built-in algorithm to repair PPT files which are severely corrupted or damaged. The Utility repairs all types of PPT files including PPT, PPS, PPSX, and PPTX. Additionally, the tool fixes PPT file corruption along with the PowerPoint file's text, images, sounds, formatting, objects, animations, etc.

Steps to Repair Microsoft PowerPoint File Won’t Open Error:

Note: If you are a Windows 8 user then you can also make use of PPT files that won’t open in Windows 8.

Tips To Avoid PPT Files Getting Corrupted:

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