How to Fix Write not Granted Error on Photoshop File

“I have Photoshop CS version on my Mac computer which I have downloaded few months back. I carry out my daily work upon it to edit photos. But now it has started troubling me; whenever I try to save photo, I get an error dialogue box i.e. ‘Write access was not granted’. This error message has started displaying when I have upgraded my current operating system from Mac OS X Snow Leopard to Mac OS X Lion. What does this indicates and how can I get rid of this PSD file error message”

Few users might get write access not granted error message while trying to save Photoshop file on it. When such message appears, you are suggested to click on “Save as” option to create new file. If you keep getting same error message, then you have to repair file permission on your Mac using manual way which is listed in following points:

Wait till the repair process gets completed and then try to open your Photoshop file. If you can view and save your file, then your problem is solved. However, if you are unable to open PSD file, then click on Photoshop file and then left click on file that you are trying to save and choose “Get Info”. Uncheck box next to ‘Locked’; sometimes PSD may not open when it is locked and you will be able to open it when you uncheck “Locked”. Though these two methods will help you to fix Photoshop error write access not granted, it will not help you to resolve issue when Photoshop file is severely corrupted. Photoshop file could get corrupted after operating system upgrade, power failure, forcefully shutting down system when PSD file is open from background, header damage, CRC error and so on. Corruption of Photoshop file can only be solved by using appropriate PSD file repair software.

Application to resolve write access not granted error:

Yodot PSD Repair software is able to repair Photoshop file which shows write access not granted error on your Mac computer. This software interface gives step by step instructions to select corrupted PST file, analyze its structure and repair it few mouse clicks. This Photoshop file repair software is extremely easy to use and has excellent efficiency to repair corrupted Photoshop file that displays various error messages. You can fix Photoshop scratch disk error on Mac, Photoshop end of file error, Photoshop file error unexpected color mode CMYK and so on. Apart from this, it will repair Photoshop files in all versions namely Photoshop 7.0, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 5.5, Photoshop CS, Photoshop CS1, Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS3, Photoshop CS4, Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS6 running on various Mac (Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks) and Windows (Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008) operating systems.

Procedure to fix Photoshop file error access not granted:

Instructions to Follow:

  • Before upgrading operating system, make sure that you copy entire data to a safe location
  • Quit Photoshop file properly by clicking on “Exit” option to avoid corruption

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