Extraction of Multiple RAR Files on Windows 7

“Please help!! Morning I have downloaded a RAR file which contains multiple documents related to my project code, each file having 16 MB in size. But while trying to access it, it’s showing CRC error. I thought that this error is due to partial downloading of file and tried to download the file again. However, even this time I got same error. What I have to do now? How can I extract this RAR file without any issues? Can anyone tell me the safest way to extract multiple RAR files on Windows 7 system?”

Like other archives, RAR file is a data container, it stores several files in compressed form. After you download RAR file from internet, you have to unpack its content in order to use it. Windows does not natively support RAR files, but there are third party tools available to do it such as WinRAR.

But, sometimes due to RAR file corruption user may face critical situations in his/her life. Let us concentrate on some of such facts here:

In case, you are facing multiple RAR file corruption issue due to reasons as listed before on Windows 7 then no need to worry. You can fix multiple RAR files on Windows 7 with efficient third party RAR repair tool. If you need quick result, utilize Yodot RAR Repair software. This program allows you to extract content of multiple RAR archives easily and securely.

Software to extract multiple RAR files on Windows 7:

Yodot RAR Repair is an efficient tool to repair corrupt or damaged multiple RAR files on Windows 7 system. This application can successfully extract multiple RAR files without altering original content. In addition to multiple RAR file, it can extract data from password protected RAR file and corrupt, broken, invalid or unreadable RAR files. For any technical issues or queries you can contact technical staff who are available 24x7. You can contact them through mail or call. Apart from Windows 7, it can support other versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008.

How to download and use Yodot RAR Repair software?

Downloading and using this software is easy and simple. Read the steps below for your reference.


  • Keep backup of important RAR file on external storage devices, so that you can restore it easily if any corruption occur
  • Avoid using unauthorized software to extract multiple RAR files on Windows 7

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