Tool to Extract RAR Files on Windows 8

“I have downloaded some RAR files, which is related to my office work, sent as email attachment on Windows 8 desktop. But while trying to extract, it was displaying CRC error. So I thought to download the file again and tried to work on it, even then I got same error. I am totally in blank state, how to mend this issue? Thanks in advance!!!”

RAR is used to store multiple files in archive format by reducing overall file size with .rar file extension. RAR is abbreviated as Roshal Archive, named after Russian engineer who created archive format as alternative to ZIP compression. RAR is compatible on WinRAR application with advanced standards of encryption factors. However, after downloading RAR file, you have to unpack its data using WinRAR in order to use it. Sometimes Windows does not support RAR files due to its corruption or application error that will not allow you to extract data. There are many reasons for damaged RAR files on Windows 8 PC, few are listed below:

  • WinRAR archive may damage due to change of its file extension and display error message when you try to access RAR file
  • WinRAR is software to compress and decompress files. It there is any error in the utility while working, then you may get unknown interruption while extracting files from RAR archive
  • In some instance RAR file may get corrupt due to some unknown interruption while transferring it over shared network on Windows 8 hard disk, which will alter RAR file structure by adding extra bits into channel and making RAR file corrupt
  • Other conditions like file header corruption, presence of bad sectors, etc. can corrupt RAR files

Software to unpack RAR files on Windows 8:

RAR Repair tool from Yodot is the best way to fix damaged RAR files and extract its contents on Windows 8 computer. This tool has ability to fix RAR file which is partially downloaded, inaccessible or invalid. It is designed with read only feature, thus it does not alter RAR file during repair process. It can also fix RAR file error 17540, RAR file read error, RAR archive is not working, checksum error, RAR file too long error and many more. This app repairs corrupt RAR file and recovers all compressed files saved in it in a secure manner. It can mend damaged RAR file of any size and even fix password protected archives. Along with Windows 8, this program is compatible on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating system.

How to use Yodot RAR Repair software?

  • Download Yodot RAR Repair software on Window 8 system
  • Launch the software by logging in as local administrator and install it
  • On main screen, browse for required RAR file using Browse option
  • And press on Repair option to initiate scanning process
  • Next screen displays the status of scanning process via progress bar
  • After finishing repair process, you can view fixed RAR file and its contents
  • Later select for destination location to store repaired RAR file
  • Use Save option and store the repaired RAR file on Windows 8 computer

Useful Points:

  • Use accurate app to extract contents from RAR files on Windows 8 computer
  • Backup essential RAR files on multiple storage devices / drive