Repairing Error WinRAR File is Either Unknown Or Damaged

It can be quite frightening nightmare for users when they click right on any RAR archive to extract required information but get an error ‘WinRAR file is either unknown format or damaged’ on computer screen. Execution of such error is enough to prevent them from accessing very crucial data from RAR archive. In your case, you might be thinking that what’s wrong happened to your RAR archive. However, number of factors can be responsible for WinRAR file is either unknown or damaged error. Some reasons are listed below:

  • If CRC value is altered in downloaded RAR archive, it will throw error WinRAR file is either unknown format or damaged when you try to extract its contents
  • Above error can take place because of incompatibility issues between OS and WinRAR application or if important software updates are not installed
  • Partial download is also a key factor that can be counted for WinRAR file is unknown or damage error message
  • When you try to extract RAR file with WinRAR app by providing wrong password
  • Use of faulty application to create and extract RAR archive is also considerable fact for above mentioned WinRAR file error

When you come across above unexpected error while opening RAR archive with WinRAR application, stop making efforts to deal with error appeared as it’s totally worthless. After getting WinRAR file is either unknown format or damaged error, you have very limited opportunity to get access to your crucial files that are inside RAR archive. Either you can download that archive again or take advantage of an efficient RAR file repair tool. Unfortunately, if problem persists even with the newly downloaded RAR archive, then software solution is highly recommended solution for you.

Select reliable RAR file repair application!

It’s very important to make right selection while looking for software solution to repair RAR file errors. Yodot RAR Repair is top rated application, highly appreciated for easy and safe repairing of RAR files for all type of WinRAR errors. Using this powerful utility, you can fix WinRAR file is either unknown or damaged error message and access your content at your fingertips. It is designed with advanced read only methods which ensures risk free RAR file repairing process on widely used Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008 OS based PC and laptops. This is the fastest app to fix damaged RAR archive after any sort of error warning. This RAR file repair software is designed with easy and intuitive GUI to aim effortless and secure RAR file repair operation for novice or professional users.

How to resolve WinRAR file is unknown format or damaged error:

  • Download Yodot RAR Repair utility to your Windows computer and install it properly
  • After installation is done, launch software to start file repair operation
  • On main screen, select “Browse” option to search and locate RAR archive which is showing error, WinRAR file is unknown or damaged
  • Now, click on “Repair” button to initiate the RAR file repair operation
  • During the repair process, a progress bar is displayed showing RAR file repairing status
  • Once the RAR archive is scanned and repaired completely, then software lists all the files contained in RAR archive
  • Now using ‘Save’ option, you have an opportunity to save repaired WinRAR archive that is error free to your desired location on your computer

Useful Tips!

  • Avoid creating and extracting RAR archives with any inappropriate application
  • Before archiving important files, save copy of them for backup
  • Avoid interruptions while creating, uploading or downloading RAR archives
  • Provide effective anti-virus protection to RAR file against viruses or external threats