Repairing RAR File Error System Cannot Find the Path Specified

“Hello everyone, I need solution for my troublesome situation. I downloaded a RAR file from email and tried to extract its content using WinRAR application. But, whenever I try to open this RAR file, WinRAR says, “The system cannot find the path specified.” I reassured that RAR file is completely downloaded and saved on my desktop; even then I receive same error. How to resolve this error with RAR file and extract its content flawlessly? Please guide me appropriate method.”

RAR is the best compression method to save set of similar files in archive format by reducing overall file size and increasing security of the data. WinRAR is an easily available application that creates RAR archives with high standard encryption factors and saves it with .rar file extension. RAR archives with split / multiple folders will be saved as .rev or .r00, .r01,... so on file extensions. Though RAR file shows gigantic features for storing data in secure format, there are troubles that can reduce popularity of this archive file. One such issue while extracting RAR file using WinRAR tool is error message, ‘the system cannot find the file path specified’.

WinRAR error: “The system cannot find the path specified”

This error is widely seen while extracting RAR archive that includes files with lengthy name. Usually, RAR folder with lengthy file name will throw error during unrar process; because WinRAR tool doesn’t recognize such files. Other reasons may be incomplete download or bad sectors in location where RAR file is saved on hard drive. When WinRAR display error, ‘the path of specified RAR folder was unknown or not found’, users cannot access data from such RAR archive. Also, it could probably become a disaster if that RAR file held important information, which cannot be lost at any cost.

After facing this kind of situation, question may arise like how to fix RAR file error the system cannot find the path specified and access the archive. Not to worry much, as there are many ways to resolve such error showing RAR files with ease. Manually, by renaming lengthy file name with short letters or by saving the archive in new location on hard drive will fix this error. But, if these methods doesn’t fetch any results and the error still persists with WinRAR file, then make use of third party RAR file repair utility.

RAR file error repair software:

By the influence of growing technology, many users suggest using advanced program like Yodot RAR Repair to resolve RAR file error, ‘the system cannot find the path specified’. Its intrinsic algorithms are uniquely designed to repair RAR archives that are corrupted in many aspects on Windows computer. Apart from system cannot find the path specified error, this tool can even fix RAR archive could not be decompressed entirely error, source file could not be read error, file is no longer accessible error, CRC error, file name too long and many such errors. This utility includes damage-free repair process to mend damaged or inaccessible RAR files on Microsoft Windows computers running with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems.

Follow the steps below to fix RAR file error system cannot find the path specified:

  • Download Yodot RAR Repair program on your Windows system in which error showing RAR file is present
  • After complete installation, run the program and wait till main screen appears
  • Here, browse for error showing RAR archive using ‘Browse’ option
  • Select required RAR file that needs to be repaired and trigger scanning process by clicking on ‘REPAIR’
  • You can examine progress of scanning process through Status bar
  • Once, scanning ends, click on ‘Preview’ button to glance at file contents of repaired RAR archive
  • At last, save this fixed RAR file which is ready to access in desired location on computer hard drive, but not to the same location as before

Necessary Tips:

  • Backup all your RAR archives with important information to safe locations
  • Use authentic antivirus tool to avoid RAR file corruption that is caused by harmful viruses