How to Open RAR File after Updating Windows 10?

“After updating Windows 10 last week, I am facing problem in opening RAR files. After trial and error, I realized that the issue is arising only with specific RAR files. Before upgrading to Windows 10, I backed up entire data on my system and compressed it into RAR archive. But now after I did few Windows 10 updates, I am not able to unzip those compressed RAR files. I even tried to extract those RAR files on other computer to but still I have the same issue. It will be really helpful if somebody guide me to open my RAR archive. Thanks in advance.”

Since you are facing issue while opening particular RAR files on windows 10; it is appearing that the actual problem is in those RAR files, not on your Windows 10 system. RAR file refuses to open because either there might be problem in computer or applications which uncompress the RAR file or the RAR archive might be corrupted. So from above scenario it is sure that there is no issue with system; as other RAR archives are opening without any issue. Now you should think the other possibility i.e. RAR file corruption. Before concluding that, you should know when RAR file may get corrupt. Few causes which may corrupt RAR file are:

Hope now you are clear with reasons of RAR file corruption. Might be your RAR file is corrupted due to Windows 10 update which you did previously and hence you are facing problem while opening RAR file. So there is a need for fixation of RAR archives which are corrupted after updating windows 10. You may get plenty of software for this purpose, but you should pick genuine tool which effectively fixes your broken archive. So you should go for Yodot RAR Repair program to get best result.

Tenacious tool to extract RAR file after Windows 10 update:

Yodot RAR Repair is the best and the most translucent program to repair RAR file which refuses to open after updating Windows 10. Repairing RAR file which is corrupted due to Windows 10 update is very simple with the use this application. This repair utility is designed for fixation of various issues with RAR archive in simpler steps. Implanted with advanced repair strategy, this program is expert in fixing WinRAR errors the file is corrupted, cannot open file, file not found etc on all versions of WinRAR application. Also, the software is capable in repairing incomplete, oversized and other error showing RAR files on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and 2008 operating system based laptops and desktops. After completion of repair process, you can verify the contents of fixed RAR file by their filename and size. Free Technical assistance is provided to user of Yodot, to help them during repair process of RAR files.

If you are facing invalid ZIP file error while extracting your ZIP archive then you can easily fix invalid zip archive with the help of Yodot guidance.

Steps to extract RAR file after updating Windows 10:

Points to Remember:

  • Always use reliable program to compress or extract RAR file
  • Use authentic network to download or upload RAR archive

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