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“Hi all, I had a RAR file which got deleted from my Windows 8 computer. I had some really important data in RAR file. I did not have another copy of deleted RAR file and hence recovered it using recovery software. But after retrieval of deleted RAR file from Windows 8 system, RAR is not opening. Extracting its data is not possible and I do not understand what to do now. Please suggest a way to fix this problem with RAR file on Windows 8 PC. Thanks in advance…”

If you have not used a reliable and efficient RAR repair tool, you are at risk and may get struck in situation as given above. When deleted or lost RAR file is recovered using unreliable data restoration software then RAR file might have got overwritten by the tool. Instead of resolving, you will get into another trouble. You might have never thought that you will be under such circumstance while using your computer with Windows 8 OS which includes great features. But there are several situations when RAR file gets corrupt on Windows 8 computer as given below:

There are many such scenarios wherein RAR files get corrupt on Windows 8 computer. However, you can fix any sort of issues with RAR file using accurate RAR Repair software on your Windows 8 PC.

RAR repair tool for Windows 8:

Yodot RAR Repair software helps you fix RAR file on Windows 8 computers. This utility comes with lots of advances features like easy to understand interface, quick navigation between screens, availability of demo version for user satisfaction before purchase, and so on. You can repair RAR file of more than 4GB of size. This application enables you to fix RAR files of different versions like WinRAR 2.00, WinRAR 2.90, WinRAR 3.50, WinRAR 3.70, WinRAR 3.80, WinRAR 3.90 and WinRAR 4.00 on your PC and laptop. The software supports repairing RAR file on Windows 7, 8.1, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and Server 2008 OS along with Windows 8 on your computers. This tool fixes even password locked RAR file on your PCs. Take a trial drive of this program for more details.

Detailed procedure to repair RAR file for Windows 8:


  • Scan for viruses on Windows 8 frequently whenever you have made any changes on the system like downloading or adding any file and keep RAR file from infection
  • Keep a copy of important RAR file content of Windows 8 computer on any external drive

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