Fixing Error WinRAR Could Not Find This Item

“I had placed few RAR archives on a shared network drive as to make it available for other computers in the network. But, today as I try to extract the contents of this RAR archive WinRAR displayed an error like ‘this file could not be found’. I verified the path but nothing worked and still getting the same error. Can anyone kindly help me to resolve this WinRAR error and extract contents of RAR archive?”

RAR is a popular archive file format which holds files in compressed form to reduce usage of memory space on storage drive and also to securely transfer such files over network. A RAR archive can even be split into parts to easily save archives of greater file sizes. However, when trying to extract contents of a RAR archive, WinRAR may show various error messages blocking access to RAR file. One such error could be “WinRAR could not find this item”.

WinRAR displays, could not find this item (RAR file) that you are trying to extract if some part of that archive is missing or the path specified for that archive is incorrect. Usually, while downloading and transferring RAR archives over network if the process gets incomplete then chances are more that some parts of the archive might be missing. Also, if RAR file is shared on network drive, then accidental deletion, inappropriate editing of archive would fetch file not found error. Apart from this, WinRAR may refuse to unrar the file when it is corrupt because of following instances:

  • Attempts to extract RAR archive using unofficial third party utility
  • Compressing infected or culprit files into RAR archive
  • Presence of bad sectors at the location where RAR file is saved and other factors

But nothing to bother when WinRAR says, could not find the item because, corrupt RAR files can be repaired using effective third party RAR repair tool.

Software to repair WinRAR file:

Yodot RAR Repair is the best utility to fix error showing RAR archive on any Windows computer. This tool perfectly repairs RAR file that is corrupted or broken due to any of the reasons mentioned above. Its unique scanning modules can fix RAR archive corrupt volume, RAR file not recognized, archive format is not valid, access denied cannot open file error, WinRAR file doesn’t exist, RAR file CRC error and various other errors of RAR archive. It can also support to fix multipart, password protected or large sized RAR file that is not opening in WinRAR application.

Steps to fix WinRAR error showing file:

  • Download Yodot RAR Repair software on your Windows system
  • Install and run it by following instructions carefully
  • In main screen click on ‘BROWSE’ button to select WinRAR file showing error
  • After selecting RAR file, click on ‘REPAIR’ button to trigger scanning process
  • Scanning takes a while to complete, which will be visible through Status Bar
  • At last, save it to desired target location for further process

Necessary Tips:

  • Make sure download and transferring of RAR file is not interrupted
  • Carry backup of vital files from RAR archive