How to Fix WinRAR File Does Not Exist Error?

“Long back I had created a RAR file on my system and today when I tried to extract the contents of this file, WinRAR is showing error like file does not exist. I don’t know what went wrong but I am unable to extract the file contents. Can anyone suggest me how to fix this WinRAR error?”

WinRAR is an amazing application to create and decompress RAR archives on Windows computer. RAR file created using WinRAR can hold compressed data within limited memory space and also assures safe transfer of data over internet. But many times, users may encounter trouble while accessing RAR archive as it shows various error messages. One such error message is WinRAR file does not exist.

“WinRAR error: File does not exist”

This error usually occurs when trying to extract the contents of a RAR archive whose header file is corrupt. Since, file header carries all useful information necessary to access that particular file, any damage to this header file can result in inaccessibility of that file. Reasons for RAR file header corruption are incorrect compression, use of illegitimate compression technique while compressing file, malware attack and error with WinRAR application. Also, this error may get displayed if RAR storage location consists of any bad sectors. Due to all these reasons, WinRAR might throw error like file does not exist when trying to decode the RAR archive.

How to fix WinRAR error file does not exist?

Employ file repair utility like Yodot RAR Repair, which is exclusively built to fix RAR archive errors to resolve this issue. This RAR repair application has caliber to mend .rar files that are corrupted or damaged due to various reasons on Windows computer. It can even support to fix RAR archive from USB flash drive, external hard disk, SSD, memory cards, etc. that are compatible on Windows PC. Apart from WinRAR file does not exist error, this software is capable of repairing WinRAR cannot execute file error, cannot open this file as RAR archive error, CRC failed error, file name too long error, RAR source file could not be read error and many other errors messages. It can be efficiently used on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 operating systems to fix RAR archives effectively.

Follow these steps to fix error showing WinRAR file:

Important Note!!

  • Do not terminate WinRAR application abruptly when RAR file is being created or extracted
  • Avoid using unsecure third party tools to compress or decompress RAR archives
  • Backup necessary RAR file contents in a safe location to avoid data corruption

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