How To Repair Corrupt Or Broken AVI File Index

Written by Lucy John on April 14, 2023

“I tried to play AVI video files on the VLC media player. It reports some errors about the AVI index: ‘This AVI file is broken. Seeking will not work correctly. Do you want to try to fix it? This might take a long time.’ I chose yes, it began fixing the AVI index and exited when the repair progress bar reaches 50%. Then the AVI files started playing the video and stopped in middle. I closed the application and opened it again, with the same error encounters as mentioned above. If I try to fix it takes too long and won’t play properly, how many times do I open these video files the same thing happens. If anybody knows any solution to resolve this type of AVI index problem, then please help me out”.

Don’t worry this type of error is commonly encountered when your AVI video file index is corrupted or broken. AVI video file won’t be able to play in any of the media players when the file index is damaged. If you want to make this video playable, then you must fix the index error by using the AVI video file repair tool. But before repairing the AVI file index, let us see some of the common reasons for corruption of the AVI file index.

Why Does an AVI File Index Get Corrupted?

Quick Fix’s For Corrupt and Non-Playing AVI Files:

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