Repair AVI Files Which Do Not Play on Mac

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is the first media format that provides combined structure of audio and video data streams. Therefore it becomes de facto standard for most of online audio and video applications. This media file is flexible enough and allows you to edit and compress file easily. Even though AVI files are compatible with most of the media players, in some situations while playing AVI files you might have observed that video gets struck, but sound keeps playing or distorted colored blocks sometimes make it unplayable.

Do you have an AVI files that are not playing on Mac? Then this article introduces an accurate solution on how to repair your corrupted or damaged AVI files on Macintosh system. Let us consider a scenario, where a graduate was joined for e-classes. After attending classes, he normally downloads the video files of that section and those files are of .avi format. But, while accessing those files, his system freezes suddenly due to power surge. Later when he turning the system on, he was unable to play AVI files on Mac computer. Here the student is confused and thinks why my AVI files won’t play on Mac. So what are the causes behind AVI files that refuse to play on Mac system? Below are few common facts accountable for corruption of AVI files, which will not play on Mac.

Why AVI files cannot be played on Mac system?

  • Virus or Trojan Attack: Too much usage of internet or third party utilities might be the reason for virus or Trojan attacks on your Mac system. If your system gets infected by dangerous viruses or other threats, then it may infect AVI files and makes them not playable on Mac
  • AVI File Transfer Errors: Interruptions or errors while transferring AVI files from mac system to any external storage media or visa-versa may results in corruption of AVI video files
  • Synchronization Error: If the audio and video streams of AVI file are not properly synchronized, then it tends to incompatibility issue and finally results in AVI file damage
  • Codec Issues: Codec are the compression and decompression algorithms, which supports AVI file. Due to improper handling of AVI files, codec gets corrupted and makes your AVI files inaccessible
  • Header Corruption: Due to virus attacks or forceful termination of AVI video due to sudden power failures, etc might affect the header of AVI files, where AVI file won’t play on Mac

Don’t worry, if Mac can’t open AVI files due to any of the above mentioned facts!!! Sit back and relax, it is not necessary to scratch your head on how do I play an AVI files on Mac. You can now fix corrupt AVI files on your Macintosh system using suitable AVI file repair software.

Glance on AVI file repair application

Yodot AVI Repair software is designed especially to fix AVI files, which are not playing on computer or any digital device. Its advanced modules and search algorithms provide great support to repair severely corrupted or damaged AVI file on Mac. Along with .avi video file, this tool can successfully mend .divx, .xvid video file types. It can sustain repairing of AVI files saved on various storage devices including system hard drive, flash memory card, USB drive, iPods, and many more. On other hand, this software is flexible with various editions of Mac operating system such as Lion (Mac OS X 10.7), Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6), and Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8). In addition, Windows version of Yodot AVI Repair tool is available to help users to fix AVI files that won’t play on their Windows system.

Simple steps to repair unplayable AVI files on Mac OS X:

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair tool and install it to your Macintosh machine
  • Run the software and track the main screen instructions
  • Browse for the corrupted AVI file, which is not playing
  • After click on “Repair” button to start with the repair process
  • Monitor the AVI file repair process by noticing the progress bar
  • Once repair process got completed the software displays the AVI file along with its description
  • Later you can preview the repaired video file by using “Preview repaired file” button
  • Finally save your repaired AVI file by using “Save repaired file” option to your desired location

Precautionary Steps:

  • Do not transfer or play AVI files, when your system is running on low battery because it leads to force system shout down
  • Have a patient, don’t terminate the AVI videos abnormally when it is not reacting for your instructions
  • Always make use of updated anti-virus application to keep your Mac system free from viruses