Repair AVI File Showing Codec Error

Written by Lucy John on April 17, 2023

AVI is the most fascinatingly used video file format in present day technological world to save videos. This file format consists of two separate streams, i.e. audio and video streams. When AVI file is made to play, these two streams are combined according to CODEC algorithms. CODEC (coder – decoder) is similar to a program installed on system that does both encoding and decoding of digital information stream for storing, transmission and for encryption purposes without any difficulty. This CODEC of an AVI video file plays a vital role in safe guarding the files’ information; hence any damage to CODEC can completely corrupt the file making it unplayable.

Let us consider one real time scenario to know how AVI file can get corrupt due to CODEC error. You downloaded a video from internet and tried to play the video, but your media player suggested you to convert the video file to AVI format. So, you clicked on convert option provided in the dialogue box. However, even after converting to AVI file format, the video was not playable as it showed some codec error message. This is because while converting the video to AVI format, the video file’s CODEC got damaged and now the media player did not have correct CODEC to play the AVI file. There are plenty of other issues too that can alter CODEC of an AVI video file, thus making it corrupt.

Have a look at different scenarios that can induce CODEC errors while trying to play AVI files:

When your media player is unable to play AVI files that have CODEC issues, then you might come across the following error messages:

In such situations if your AVI file is corrupted due to CODEC issues, then you should be wise enough to decide how to fix CODEC error in AVI file? This is very simple. First find out which CODEC is required to play your AVI file and download it from internet. If this does not fix your problem, then try using any proficient AVI file Repair tool.

Solution to fix AVI file CODEC error:

One can rely upon Yodot Video Repair software to fix AVI videos that are broken, virus infected or damaged in many ways. This tool is built with outstanding repair algorithms to safely resolve the CODEC issues of an AVI file without further damaging the AVI file. Along with AVI video files, you can even fix DIVX and XVID files that do not open on any media players. This AVI repair tool can be utilized on Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 OS based computers to fix AVI video files. Moreover, Mac users can utilize Mac version of Yodot Video Repair tool to fix AVI file showing CODEC error on their Macintosh systems.

Follow the guidelines to repair AVI file CODEC error:

Precautionary measures:

  • Do not download inappropriate CODECs from internet that your player cannot recognize
  • Avoid downloading AVI files from unsecured sites
  • Before playing AVI videos on your media player, check whether the system has correct CODEC to play the video

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