Fix Corrupt AVI File Header

Written by Lucy John on April 17, 2023

“Occasionally, you download or record a very important AVI video file that just doesn’t open on your computer / laptop. You have all the right codec, but an inspection tells you that the AVI video header is corrupt. What to do?”

AVI files are among the most widely used video file format for recording videos with digital cameras and HD camcorders. However, certain logical or technical problems can damage your AVI video file header making the video severely corrupt. After which your AVI video would stop responding and many media players like VLC, WMP, QuickTime etc fails to play the corrupted AVI file. Nevertheless, you can still overcome this problem by utilizing a good repair application.

Reasons for AVI Header Corruption:

Usually AVI video file header gets damaged due to certain faults which occur while recording videos with camcorder. If the video is recorded by camcorder with infected firmwares then it may corrupt the AVI file header. Any sort of virus or malware attack on the AVI video file damages its header and makes the video unplayable. AVI header file also gets corrupt, if the camcorder is showing low battery warning sign while recording the video file. Moreover, if AVI files are stored on infected memory card, then there are chances of AVI file header getting corrupt. Lastly, any sorts of corruption to file system of Windows / Mac operating system on which AVI file is saved are also responsible for AVI header file damage.

Other than the above mentioned scenarios there are many more reasons due to which AVI header file gets damaged. But, whatever may be the reason they can be eliminated using appropriate repair software as mentioned above. Although there are many such applications available in the market, choosing the right one is very important. However many industry experts suggest users to download and use Yodot Video Repair software.

About Yodot Video Repair Application:

Yodot AVI Repair software provides quick and safe way to fix corrupt AVI header. The software makes use of powerful algorithm to fix corrupt AVI file and transforms it into a healthy one. The best thing about the application is that, users are allowed to preview the repaired AVI file and also permits them to save the repaired AVI file to their desired destination location. Adding to this, the program is compatible to run on both Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8) and Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion) operating system. Furthermore, it also helps users to mend other video file formats such as XVID and DIVX.

Steps to repair corrupt AVI header:


  • Remove viruses from system using powerful antivirus application
  • Backup your important AVI videos on multiple storage devices
  • Avoid playing your AVI videos on incompatible media players

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