Repair CamStudio AVI File

“Hi, I recorded some new tricks that I discovered on my desktop using CamStudio that created AVI file and saved it on computer hard drive. However, when I tried to play that AVI file by clicking on it, the video refused to play by showing some error. By any means the AVI file has turned corrupt and I’m not able to fix this issue. Can anyone please suggest me how to fix CamStudio AVI file that is not playing on Windows PC? Please suggest some useful method to resolve error showing AVI file in CamStudio.”

CamStudio is one of the excellent programs designed to record screen output on computer (screencast) with audio narration in the form of movie. It is able to record all screen activities along audio and creates an AVI video file. One can even convert output AVI file into other standard video file formats during record process on CamStudio. However, recorded AVI file in CamStudio can get corrupt in number of ways and render inaccessibility of video file.

Few possible factors that damage CamStudio AVI files are:

  • Virus Attacks: AVI files created with CamStudio can get corrupt by incursion of harmful viruses like Trojan Horse, Worm, etc. that get downloaded along CamStudio application while downloading from internet
  • Codec Error: Codec or Compression – decompression program is used to encode and decode digital data stream like AVI file on computers. If the system is not installed with right Codec, then AVI file may stop playing by displaying Codec error
  • Malfunctioning of CamStudio: Irregularities in the working of CamStudio due to software conflicts; abrupt termination of application or system shutdown due to power loss while recording AVI file will corrupt that video file
  • Hard Drive Issues: Presence of bad sectors on hard drive where AVI file is saved, file system corruption on hard drive due to any logical error, impact of third party applications installed on system drive, etc. can result in corrupting AVI files recorded with CamStudio

AVI video files created using CamStudio on Windows computer may become unplayable / inaccessible in above scenarios. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry much because excellent alternative AVI file fixing tool like Yodot AVI Repair software can resolve corrupt / damaged CamStudio AVI videos with simple process.

Fixing CamStudio AVI files:

As said above, Yodot AVI Repair program can mend unplayable AVI files created using CamStudio on Windows PC. This software is made up of futuristic modules to easily and safely fix corrupted AVI video file that shows various errors like invalid file format, Codec error, CRC error and many more and reject to play. It’s read-only repair process is capable of fixing AVI as well as DivX and XviD video file formats without any trouble. Apart from CamStudio, the program is also able to repair Sony Vegas AVI files on both Windows and Mac platforms. Windows version of the software can be utilized on computers / laptops running with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003 OS versions. On the other hand, Mac version is flexible to work on Mac machines like Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook, etc. functioning with Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks OS X versions.

Given here are simple steps that guide you to perform CamStudio AVI file repair:

  • Download the software on your Windows computer where CamStudio recorded AVI video file is saved
  • Install the program and run it to start the repair process
  • In main screen browse for your damaged AVI video that needs to be repaired
  • After selecting required AVI file, click on ‘Repair’ button to ignite scanning process
  • Software scans chosen AVI video file to fix all its errors in just little time span
  • After completion of scanning process, repaired AVI video will be shown on screen along with its file description
  • Preview the video if required and save it to any new desired location on computer drive

Important Note:

  • Do not terminate CamStudio in between while recording AVI video
  • Install the system with right Codec before playing CamStudio AVI files
  • Empower the system with influential anti-virus program to evade harmful viruses