Fix AVI File Which Is Not Playing Audio In QuickTime

Written by Lucy John on April 14, 2023

“Hi, I have few vital AVI files and I am trying to play them in QuickTime. I am able to see only video, but the audio is not coming through. I really hope that there is a solution to play those AVI files without any issue. Any ideas on what I could try to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

Experiencing certain problems and errors is common while playing AVI video file. As we all know there will be a solution for every problem. If one manages to have enough patience while experiencing issues with video files, then it gets easy to deal with any sort of difficulties. At this point of time, foremost thing you need to check is does all your AVI files refuse to play audio in Quick-time or only specific files happen to display the issue. Next you need to verify whether the AVI files which are not playing audio in QuickTime, can play sound in other players?

Upon completion of these two verification steps, you can conclude either the issue lies in QuickTime or in AVI files.

Case 1: If all other AVI files are also not playing audio in QuickTime then it is understood that QuickTime has glitch. So try to fix it by following below techniques:

Case 2: If only specific AVI files are not playing audio in QuickTime and all other AVI videos are playable without any audio-video issue then try to play such AVI files in other media players. If you experience no sound issue in other players too then those AVI files might be corrupted. So you must utilize Yodot Video Repair program to fix this no audio issue in your precious AVI files.

Conversant tool to repair AVI with no audio in QuickTime:

Yodot Video Repair is an adequate program for fixation of AVI files not playing music in QuickTime player. The robust inbuilt mechanism of the software helps in repairing AVI files that are corrupted due to virus, interruption during transfer, unexpected system shutdown, improper conversion, power surge, codec issue, incomplete download, renaming file extension etc. You can utilize this tool when you happen to face AVI file not playing video only sound, black screen issues and other possible instances. You can employ this program to repair broken or damaged AVI files which are created using DSLR camcorders, mobiles and other devices of various famous brands. You can get benefit of this repair tool both on Windows computers running with all versions of Windows OS and on Macintosh operating with latest Mac OS versions up till Snow Leopard. You can take help of intelligent and intelligible interface of this utility to easily fix AVI video files which fails to play and gives you errors like invalid AVI, unable to play AVI file etc. You can also repair XVID and DIVX with the aid of this tool. Yodot will also help to resolve any issues while playing other video files; like when you cannot play MOV files in QuickTime, cant open recovered Mp4 file, etc.

Steps to fix no-sound AVI file:


  • Avoid interruptions during AVI file transfer
  • Don’t close the system abruptly when AVI file is in use

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