Repair AVI File Playing Only Audio But No Video

Clear description about AVI files:

AVI is well known video file due to its container format, where audio and video frames are interleaved. In order to play AVI file, ‘Codecs’ serve main role as codecs inform system about how to compress (encode) and play (decode) AVI video file successfully. Have a look on regularly used video and audio codecs listed below:

Video codecs: DivX codec, Cinepak codec, Indeo codec, MJPEG codec, DV codec and so on
Audio codecs: MP3 codec, MS ADPCM, Uncompressed PCM codec, etc

In case you have AVI file that plays only audio but no video, then that AVI file may got corrupted. The main reasons for this kind of AVI file issue are:

  • A non-Microsoft codec used to encode AVI file may block video stream to play
  • In case AVI video file is compressed with a codec that is not installed on your system, then media player will fail to play video file on AVI
  • If the audio and video streams not synchronized properly, then it tends to major incongruity issue and finally results in AVI file corruption. In such scenarios, AVI file may fails to play any of the data streams
  • Header of AVI video file may get corrupt due to harmful virus attacks or improper termination of AVI file, therefore it halts playing video file

In case you have AVI file playing only audio due to any of above mentioned reasons, then don’t worry!!! You can overcome these difficulties and fix corrupted AVI files with the aid of inbuilt disk program, but this utility may fail to repair AVI video that got damaged severely. Therefore, you could go for appropriate application such as Yodot AVI Repair to fix AVI file that is playing only sound without picture.

AVI file repair utility:

Yodot AVI Repair software is intended with advanced algorithms, which easily mend the AVI files playing only audio not video. It will detect and fix corrupted video or audio streams in AVI file, thereby it resolves the issues efficiently. Along with AVI file format, this application repairs .divx and .xvid video files. You can even renovate severely damaged AVI files stored on removable storage devices like memory card, pen drive, iPods and other devices. This tool is compatible with Windows (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008) and Mac (Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6, and Mac OS X 10.8) operating systems.

Simple steps to repair AVI file only playing audio but no video:

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair application and install it to your Windows system
  • Open the software and track the main screen guiding instructions
  • Browse for the AVI file playing only sound no picture and click on “Repair” button to start the repair process
  • You can observe the status of AVI file repair process by looking at progress bar
  • After fixing the corrupt AVI file, this utility displays the AVI file along with its description
  • You can preview the renovated AVI video file by using “Preview” option
  • Finally, save your repaired AVI file to your desired location by using “Save” button


  • Try have basic knowledge about codec’s that are used in your AVI file
  • Don’t exit AVI files abruptly when it is not responding for your instructions
  • Use updated anti-virus application to keep your system free from harmful viruses