Resolve DIVX is an Unsupported File Format Error

“Today morning when I switched on my Windows computer, it displayed an error message that ‘E’ drive is running out of space. Since my ‘D’ drive had more space, I thought of moving few files from E drive to D drive. However, at the time of file transmission, my computer froze and I ended every task forcefully by utilizing “End Task” function. Though file transfer process got stopped, nothing has happened to my files. Half of them got transferred, whereas remaining half of them are still in ‘E’ drive. But when I tried to play DIVX files that had been transferred to ‘D’ drive, I was presented with an error message that ‘divx, this video is an unsupported format’. Kindly someone help me to resolve this error”

If you have similar issue and looking for a way out, then probably this page might help you to get problem solved. Above problem could be related to the video provider experiencing technical issues on their end; so contact them and get it solved. At the same time, this error can appear if DIVX file won’t play when tried to play on any media player that does not support DIVX file format; for example playing such files on a DVR player says no video. However, in case there is no issue with these two, then definitely DIVX file is corrupted. The only way to get rid of corruption issue is making use of promised DIVX file repair software.

Reasons why DIVX file shows unsupported file format error:

  • Improperly closing media player without exiting it properly will leave DIVX file in a corrupted state
  • If you download DIVX file from a website containing viruses, then DIVX file could also get infected leading to not supported format error message
  • Interruptions such as power failure or system hang at the time of watching or playing DIVX file on your computer will convert normal DIVX file to corrupted one
  • In case you click on “Force shut down” option when DIVX file is not opening from background, then Windows will forcefully close DIVX video which corrupts it leaving in incomplete state

Fixing unsupported format error shown by DIVX video:

If you wish to instantly repair corrupted DIVX file which is showing unsupported format error message, then Yodot AVI Repair software could be your right choice. You might get confused by seeing the name of the application; but after using this software you will be surprised to see healthy and accessible DIVX file. This is because, along with AVI, it supports to fix corrupted or damaged DIVX and XVID video file formats on both Windows as well as Mac computer. Time taken by this software to repair DIVX file is very less and you need not follow more steps to fix it up. More to this, you can repair DIVX, XVID and AVI file of any size by retaining its original quality. To examine your DIVX file, it will show you exact copy of repaired DIVX file.

Instructions to repair DIVX file which is showing not supported error:

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair software and install it to your computer
  • Soon after installing, run it to commence DIVX video repairing process
  • Select DIVX file which displays not supported file format and press upon “Repair” option
  • Wait till the repair process gets completed; once the DIVX file is fixed, you will get a windows indicating successful video file repair
  • Preview DIVX file to examine its quality and at last save it on a safe location

Helpful Tips:

  • Make sure that you have closed all application before shutting down your computer
  • Download DIVX file from trustworthy websites and always keep backup of DIVX video files in a separate location

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