How to Resolve Black Screen Showing AVI File?

“Hi, I am having a problem with AVI file. No media player is able to play the video file, which was previously working fine and now shows only a black screen. I spent nearly 1 week to create that documentary. I really don't want to spend another week in remaking this video. I need help!! All of my drivers are updated. I also tried converting the file, nothing is effective. Is there any way through which I can make the AVI file playable? There has to be a fix, so please suggest me an effective way to solve this problem. Thanks in advance”

First you need to find whether the black screen problem is appearing only in this AVI file or with all other AVI files. If all other AVI files are playing without any issue then that specific AVI file might be damaged or corrupted. Before you conclude that the file is corrupted; make sure that all required codecs are installed properly. If yes then proceed further.

This problem can also be linked with how the AVI file is sized and compressed. For a video, if the pixel height is an odd number and is greater than or equal to the video width then the file will display a black screen. In order to fix it, there is a simple solution. Compress the file with any compression methods and you will be able to open the file without the black screen. It’s the simple fix for an AVI file displaying black screen. If this doesn’t solve your issue then accept the truth that the AVI file is corrupted. It might be corrupted due to:

  • Malware infection
  • Improper conversion
  • Interruptions while downloading, transferring and accessing AVI file
  • Renaming the AVI file extension
  • Bad sectors, codec issues, OS failure and hardware crash

Plenty of tools are available to solve this issue. But you can easily repair the AVI file which is displaying black screen, if you prefer Yodot AVI Repair program.

Adroit Tool for Fixation of AVI File:

Yodot AVI Repair program is a germane choice for fixation of AVI files which are displaying black screen. Along with fixing black screen issue, this application efficiently repairs broken AVI files that are generating AVI seek error, Invalid AVI File Format, Cannot play back the AVI file, AVI file error c00d11b1 etc errors. You can utilize this tool on both Windows and Mac operating systems by downloading respective version of software to solve AVI file issues. It’s simple and user companionable interface results in effortless fixation of AVI files that won't play in WMP, VLC, QuickTime, and other popular video players. This utility can repair AVI files which are created by well-known digital cameras or camcorder brands. This tool is proficient in repairing AVI files located on hard drive, external hard drive, media card, USB drive, iPod, etc. In addition to AVI, it is capable in repairing XVID and DIVX files.

Apart from AVI, XVID and DIVX format video files, Yodot extends its support for repairing corrupt MOV files on Windows as well as on Mac.

Simple Procedure to Fix AVI Black Screen Issue:

  • Get Yodot AVI Repair program and install it on your Windows or Mac computer
  • Run the utility after successful installation
  • Browse the AVI file which is displaying black screen
  • Click on Repair button to initiate fixation process
  • You can quickly ensure the repair process by examining the size and duration of file in Repaired file content window
  • Click on Preview option to verify the fix
  • Finally click on “Save Repaired File” to store the repaired AVI file on your desired location


  • Protect your computer from harmful virus using reliable AV software
  • Save several copies of your vital AVI files in hard drive and external storage devices