Repair Corrupt MOV File on Windows

MOV is the multimedia file format that is compatible to be played with this QuickTime Media Player. This signature was developed by Apple Inc. Most of our digital cameras and camcorders that are available in the market supports this file type. Later MOV file support is added for Windows operating system as well. Transferring and sharing these files on internet is quite easy, that is why MOV video file format is widely used on both Mac and Windows computers.

Though MOV is the the most reliable video format that has been used for sharing files, there are several facts corrupts and leave your MOV files in unreadable state. For an instance, when you suddenly exit the application without following proper procedure. You may encounter errors and MOV file refuses to open when you try to open same file again. Here are other scenarios that might damage MOV file:

  • Unwanted Interruption: MOV file gets corrupted when application abruptly terminates during the transfer process or when read or write process is being carried out
  • MOV File Conversion: MOV file are converted to other file formats for playing videos on different media players. So during the process of converting file signature, you must be careful not to use any unwanted third party application that might corrupt MOV files
  • Virus Infections: Due to virus infection, the Media Player may get corrupted which can damage MOV file header. Application may terminate abruptly when you play virus infected MOV file

Corrupt MOV Repair on Winodws

MOV file that refuses due to any sort of corruption can be fixed by using a MOV file repair tool like Yodot MOV Repair. Equipped with simple graphical user interface, this application helps users to repair corrupt MOV file which may not be playable in QuickTime Media Player, VLC and other digital media players. You can fix MOV file that got corrupted on any storage device like hard drive, USB drive, memory card, iPod, etc on Windows OS including Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc. Once MOV files are repaired, there is an option to preview its contents before saving them to any preferred location as available to host operating system user. In order to check the performance of this application, download and install demo version of this tool on your Windows PC.

Get familiar with the steps that can be carried out to repair those MOV files:

  • Download and install this application by logging as Local System Administrator
  • After completion of the installation process you can see the shortcut icon on desktop
  • Launch the tool and then proceed from main screen icon to start with this repairing process
  • Now from the main screen of the tool click on corrupted file option to select the desired file and after that all that needs to be done is select one more healthy file of the same format
  • Once those files are selected go to the repair button that will start the scanning process
  • So after the scanning process is completed you can preview this video file easily
  • After viewing the contents of the file you can save it to respective location as available to operating system user


  • Don’t eject your drive abruptly when the read or write process is being carried out
  • Have a good antivirus application installed in the system with regular updates
  • Avoid repeated change of MOV file format