How to Fix MOV File Plays Only Audio Error

Written by Lucy John on March 20, 2023

QuickTime multimedia file format MOV is a very popular video container format to download movies, capture videos, and edit it on various video editors. This video format holds two different tracks, audio and video that will be combined to play the movie. However, while using MOV files there are various issues that make the file unplayable or by playing only video track with no audio or only playing sound without any video. Let us see what causes a MOV file to act like this by not playing the video in the below section.

Reasons Behind MOV File Only Plays Audio Error

These are some of the most common reasons why your MOV file is only playing audio but no video.

How to Fix MOV Only Plays Audio Error?

Play the MOV File in a Different Media Player

The MOV file requires the necessary codecs to play the video. In this case, try playing the MOV video in a different media player like a windows media player, Quicktime player, and VLC Media player, etc playing in a different media player might fix the issue. If this media player is not fixing the issue then it clearly states that your MOV file is corrupted and can be repaired only by a high-end tool like Yodot MOV Repair.

Codec Incompatibility

There will be different media tracks in a MOV container, each media track will be encoded by variable codecs. So the MOV file is not supported in the media player. You can fix it by downloading the required codecs

Fix the MOV File Not Showing Video Issue by VLC

VLC is a widely used software around the globe for video streaming purposes and it is used to fix video file which has issues. Follow the below steps to fix the MOV file which plays only audio but no video error.

Solve MOV File No Video Only Audio by Using QuickTime Player

Follow the below steps on how to solve the issue by Using QuickTime Player:

Fix the MOV File Only Plays Audio Error by Yodot MOV Repair

If the above-mentioned procedures do not fix the issue with the MOV file then the best option is to repair the file using a proficient MOV Repair Tool.

Yodot Video Repair Software is one of the best tools to fix MOV file playing audio but no video issue. This brilliant software has all the abilities to repair MOV videos that are corrupted or damaged due to virus infection, Codec error, file header corruption, and other issues. Just try out the trial version to know about the efficiency.

Steps to Fix MOV Files that Play Only Sound With No Image:

Important Note to Avoid MOV File Only Plays Audio Error:

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