MOV File Plays only Audio but No Video - How to Fix It?

QuickTime multimedia file format MOV is a very popular video container format to download movies, to capture videos and edit it on various video editors. This video format holds two different tracks, audio and video that will be combined to play the movie. But, while using MOV files there are various issues that make the file unplayable or by playing only video track with no audio or only playing sound without any video. Let us see what causes a MOV movie file to act like this by not playing the video in below section.

Why does MOV fail to play its video track?

There are numbers of reasons that render MOV file to play audio without video. Usually this occurs with MOV files that are being played in QuickTime player on Windows systems. Few commonly seen reasons are listed here:

  • Usage of improper CODEC: When you upgrade the player version or system OS on which MOV movie resides then the old Codec of the file will not be supported anymore on this upgraded system. Hence, the movie might play only audio
  • Trying to play MOV on different media players: There are certain times wherein MOV plays well on Windows Media Center, but do not play the video along with audio on QuickTime. This is due to compatibility issues or malfunctioning of the media player
  • Improper way of importing MOV files: After capturing a video of MOV format on any gadget, you may tend to transfer this file on to computer. But improper way of importing/transferring MOV files might damage the movie and causes only audio to get played
  • Other related issues: Improper system updates, incorrect migration of media player to its newer version, synchronization issues, using unreliable video editing tools to edit MOV file and many other may create the above mentioned problem with MOV files

In all these scenarios MOV file will play only sound without showing any picture. But, there is no need to worry as there are many alternative methods to fix this issue. But before trying any of these methods, keep a backup of the movie file.

  • One of the easy way is to safely convert the MOV file to other popular video format like .wmv or AVI and check whether it plays both audio and video
  • Another solution if MOV file is not playing video on QuickTime player.Go to edit -> Preferences -> QuickTime Preferences -> Click on update to update the software.
  • Play the movie in VLC player the best used media player that successfully supports varieties of video formats to play on it

Still facing the same problem with MOV file?

If the above mentioned procedures do not fix the issue with MOV file then the best option is to repair the file using proficient MOV video fixing tool.Industry experts suggest making use of reliable and efficient tool such as Yodot MOV Repair to fix MOV file playing audio but no video. This brilliant software has all the abilities to repair MOV videos that are corrupted or damaged due to virus infection, Codec error, file header corruption and other issues. QuickTime MOV video files created on digital cameras, camcorders, video recorders, Smartphones, etc. that refuse to play can be easily fixed within a span of time using this tool. The program has two separate versions to support on both Mac OS X and Windows platforms. Not only MOV video files, this software can also fix MP4 video audio sync issues, and MP4 video files corrupted due to any reasons. Just try out the trial version to know about the efficiency.

At times, if AVI video showcase error while playing in any media player, make use of Yodot AVI Repair without much effort. It has ability even to fix files whose audio not in sync with video AVI on both Mac and Windows.

Steps to fix MOV files that play only sound with no image:

  • Download the software on any Windows computer where MOV file resides
  • Install the tool and run it based on given instructions
  • In the main screen, select a healthy MOV file and affected MOV video by clicking on browse button
  • After selecting the files click on Repair button to enhance repair process
  • The status shows the progress of fixing the video file
  • After completion of scan process, click on preview to view the description of repaired MOV file
  • Then select a destination location to save this new MOV file and click on Save

Important Note:

  • When upgrading the media player version check for proper Codec
  • Do not save repaired MOV file to the same location where affected file was stored
  • Do not use unreliable video editing application to edit MOV files

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