Repair MP4 File Not Showing Video Error

Few days back, I was on a trip with my friends and recorded a video clip for about 30 minutes. All videos were saved in MP4 file format including this lengthy one; I transferred those video clips to my Windows system. When I tried to play the video, MP4 file was not showing video; only audio was being played and I terminated the player. I even tried to play this file in other media players, but got same result. Can it be fixed? I used my digital camera to record those video files.

MP4 is otherwise called as MPEG-4, a multi media container format. These MP4 file formats are widely used for streaming video over internet. This video format is usually large in size and contains both audio and video streams. MP4 videos can be played in many multimedia players flawlessly. However, playing MP4 file may not display video and may produce only audio. This might be because of video file being damaged due to various causes. Some possible scenarios are listed out here:

  • MP4 file may get corrupt as a result of virus infection, which damages MP4 file structure
  • Recording MP4 file when digital camera, mobile phone, etc, are running out of low battery
  • Changing file format of MP4 video to other format using any online program could result in corruption of that MP4 file
  • Interruption while moving MP4 video from external storage to computer hard drive can make it inaccessible
  • CRC error due to incorrect transfer of MP4 video file over network
  • MP4 header file corruption due to software / hardware malfunctioning

Don't get panic, if your MP4 file gets corrupt and refuse to display video while playing. There are numerous ways to overcome this kind of problem with MP4 video file. The best way to fix video file is by using the effective MP4 file repair tool.

Best MP4 video repair software:

Yodot MOV Repair is outstanding application to fix MP4 file not showing video error on both Windows and Mac system. This utility is efficiently designed to solve all problems related to MP4 files as well as MOV video files on various operating systems. It has ability to repair MP4 not found error, unsupported file format error, MP4 end of file error, audio-video sync issues and many more errors. It can fix MP4 videos from flash drive, memory card, portable hard drives, iPods and other storage devices with ease. This application has user friendly interface, so even non technical user can perform MP4 video repair without any trouble. This software compatibly works with Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. It also supports on Mac systems namely Mac OS Lion, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Mavericks.

Steps to fix MP4 file not showing video:

  • Download Yodot Video Repair app and install in your computer
  • Launch installed software and proceed further as per specified instructions
  • Browse for MP4 file not showing video and select it; also choose a healthy MP4 video as reference
  • Then click on “Repair” option to initiate scanning procedure
  • You can verify MP4 video file repair status by viewing the progress bar
  • When scanning gets over, application will display repaired MP4 video file
  • View fixed MP4 file using 'Preview' option and
  • Finally, save this repaired MP4 file to desired destination location on system drive or any other storage device

Useful Tips:

  • Take multiple back up MP4 files which you feel important
  • Don't use any unsafe software to play your important video file
  • Never eject portable device while moving MP4 video files

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