Repairing MP4 Video When It Won’t Play On SD Card

Written by Lucy John on April 25, 2023

“I just owned a new camcorder and recorded some video footage. Now the problem is that only a few videos are playing great, but certain others are corrupted and won’t play from an SD card. Recorded footages are in MP4 file format; can anybody suggest a solution to fix the MP4 file when it won’t play on an SD card? Any help would be appreciated”

Generally, MP4 video won’t play off an SD card when it is damaged as a consequence of SD card corruption. Many times users get troubled with such problems and cannot play MP4 files from SD cards even after trying several ways. You need to take care of MP4 files to keep them protected against various mishaps while carrying MP4 files on an SD card.

Causes For Corruption Of MP4 File After That It Won’t Play-Off SD Card As Below:

How to Fix an MP4 Files That Won't Play On SD Card?

Method 1: Fix corrupted MP4 Issues with Transcoding Using VLC

Method 2: Repair MP4 - Replicate Video File to Gain Access

Method 3: Fix Corrupt MP4 File Using Yodot File Repair

Fixing an MP4 file with a quality program will be the best solution to this problem which you can practice easily. Yodot MOV Repair is a reputed video file repair program for fixing MP4 and MOV video files that are corrupted, broken, or not playing due to different errors. You can use this powerful app to fix when MP4 won’t play off an SD card as it facilitates secure and quick repairing without compromising video quality. It has smart repair technology that takes care of corrupted or bad video/audio streams and results in a healthy playable MP4 file. Along with the MP4 file, this tool can be used to fix MOV file on SD card due to any reason.

Steps to Fix MP4 Files That Won’t Play on SD card:

Things to Remember!

  • Don’t forget to copy MP4 files from the SD card to your computer hard drive for backup.
  • Avoid ejecting the SD card when recording MP4 video with your camcorder.
  • Scan your SD card regularly with an updated anti-virus program to keep MP4 files safe from virus attacks.

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