My Dash Cam Video Is Corrupted - How To Fix It

Imagine seeing a corrupt dashcam video after driving through a scenic spot or when you are about to claim insurance. Painful, right? If you are in the same boat, then we will help you fix those dashcam videos that won’t play or those with severe corruption issues with just a few simple clicks.

Written by Lucy John on April 23, 2024

Dash Cam?! What it is?

A dashboard camera or simply a Dash Cam is a camera onboard that records video continuously through the windscreen of the vehicle. Often it is attached to the interior windscreen or on top of the dashboard. These cameras provide video evidence in the event of an accident.

What Causes Dashcam Video File Corruption?

Factors such as-

Removal of memory card: Improperly ejecting the memory card from the dashcam while videos are recording.

SD card issues: Usage of a corrupt or damaged SD card can result in corrupt dashcam videos.

Interrupted transfer: Errors or disruptions while transferring a dashcam video file to a computer.

Poor quality SD card: Slow and lower-class memory cards will not be able to match the writing speed of a dashcam, resulting in video corruption.

So now you know what causes dashcam video file corruption.Let us jump straight to fixing them. In case of minor video issues try these quick fixes to resolve the issues and play the video file normally on your computer.

Quick Fixes to Solve the ”Dashcam Videos Won't Play” Issue

Transfer Again: Copy the files from the dashcam to the computer once more, ensuring complete transfer to prevent video corruption due to incorrect file transfer.

Media Player: Outdated or incompatible media players may support the dashcam video play, so update the current media player or use a different one.

Different Device: Use any other devices and try playing the dashcam video to see if the issue is specific to your current setup.

If these don't play the dashcam video, then it is understood that the corruption issue is severe and requires a professional repair tool to fix it.

How to Repair Corrupt Dashcam Video Files?

Choose Yodot Video Repair to fix corrupt dashcam videos. Why? Simply because this tool supports repairing MP4 or AVI video file formats from dashcams from major dashcam manufacturers like Garmin Dash Cam, Nextbase, etc. on both Windows and Mac OS.

The software is very simple, easy to install and use, and completely safe, Download now and fix corrupt dashcam video files.

Steps to use Yodot Video Repair to Fix Corrupt Dash Cam Files:

Step 1: Download the Yodot Video Repair software on your system

Step 2: Launch the software, select the corrupt dashcam video, and click on Repair

launch the yodot video repair tool

Step 3: The software starts fixing the corrupt video file.

repairing the corrupt dashcam videos

Step 4: After repairing, check the preview of the repaired dashcam video and save it on your device.

preview and save the repaired dashcam video file

NOTE: Ensure that you save the repaired video file in a safe location.


In 2024 most cars and commercial vehicles have built-in dashcams. Which goes to prove their prominence. We hope you found this article useful in fixing corrupt dashcam videos or dashcam videos that won’t play.

To avoid running into dash cam video corruption issues, use a dedicated SD card for your camera, keep it charged, and prevent form physical damage as a precaution to keep the video files safe.

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