How to Repair Damaged or Corrupt MP4 Files?

If you are trying to repair a corrupt MP4 File then there are a few ways that can get the MP4 video playing back again. You can give a try to all the solutions listed in this article as it doesn’t require any technical expertise, Just a matter of a few clicks will uncorrupt the MP4 file.

MP4 is the most commonly used video file format among all the video formats and the most common type of video file to get corrupted.

Error message of MP4 File corruption

Almost all devices and media players support MP4, One of the key reasons is that MP4 retains high quality with small file sizes.

Now getting to the business, You have a corrupted MP4 file, and here is how you can fix it.

Methods to Fix Corrupted MP4 Files

  1. Fix Corrupted MP4 Files using a Professional Video Repair Tool
  2. Make Corrupt MP4 Video Files Playable Using VLC Media Player

Fix Corrupted MP4 Files using a Professional Video Repair Tool

We highly recommend going with a professional MP4 repair tool that can repair corrupted/broken/damaged MP4 files with a simple selection and repair process. The tool is capable of handling different MP4 video files from different devices like Sony, GoPro, DJI, etc.

We are using Yodot Video Repair to repair a corrupt MP4 file here and the repair process is easy. The tool has a preview option that helps ensure that the complete MP4 file is fixed and plays smoothly without any issues.

Steps to Fix a Corrupt MP4 File Using Yodot Video Repair

Step 1: Download and Install the software on your computer and follow the steps below.

Step 2: Launch the software and click on the Select File button to choose the corrupt MP4 file.

select the corrupted mp4 video

Step 3: Choose the reference file (why?) and select a healthy file shot from the same device.

choose a healthy mp4 file shot from the same device

Step 4: After healthy file selection click on Repair to begin the repair process.

click on repair

Step 5: Preview the repaired MP4 file in the software.

preview the repaired MP4 file

Step 6: Click on Save the repaired MP4 file in your preferred location.

Manual Ways to Fix Corrupt MP4 Files

Media players like VLC can repair minor corruption issues in MP4 Video files but it requires lots of time and has a risk of data loss in doing so and you won’t have any technical support if you need any assistance while repairing the MP4 file.

NOTE: As a precaution, make a copy of the corrupted video file and then start repairing the corrupted MP4 file.

Make Corrupt MP4 Video Files Playable Using VLC Media Player

You can follow these 3 methods to play a corrupted MP4 file using VLC, try them out in order of your preference.

1. Convert/Save:

Step 1: Open VLC, click on Media and Select Convert/Save.

open the media tab and click on convert/save

Step 2: Click on Add to insert the corrupt MP4 File

click on Add to add the corrupt mp4 video

Step 3: Tap on Convert/Save and then in the convert window, click on Profile to choose preferred input codecs, and click on Browse to save the video in your preferred location.

browse the destination and click on start

Step 4: Now restart your system and play the MP4 file.

2. Increase Cache Values:

Step 1: Open VLC, Click on the Tools tab and select Preferences.

click on tools tab and select preferences

Step 2: In the left corner Show Settings option select All

select all in show settings

Step 3: Select the Input/Codecs option and scroll down to the Advanced section.

scroll to the advanced section

Step 4: Increase the File Caching(ms) value to 1000 and tap on Save and restart the VLC player.

3. Change Output Settings:

Step 1: Open the Tools tab and Open Preferences in VLC.

open the tools tab and select preferences

Step 2: In the Simple Preferences window Click on Video.

click on video

Step 3: Change the output settings from Automatic to DirectX (DirectDraw) video output.

change output to DirectX (DirectDraw) video output.

Step 4: Click on Save and restart the VLC player.

BONUS: You can also try converting it from MP4 to any other file format, but the Quality of the video will be lost.
You cannot improve quality by reencoding if you do not have a higher-quality source.


The article discusses all the solutions that a user can approach to repair the corrupt MP4 Video file. You can completely rely on Yodot Video Repair to get your MP4 Video file playing, and the free solutions in this article can also fix corrupt MP4 files but they come with time and size limitations.

We suggest you use Yodot Video Repair as it is free and completely safe.