Methods to Fix HD Video Issues

Most of the people prefer HD (High Definition) videos because of its image quality and high resolution. Like other normal videos, HD videos can also render problems while opening or playing. Here are some of the problems associated with HD videos and the tips to troubleshoot them.

HD Video Troubleshooting guide- Problems and solutions:

1. Unrecognized File - HD video won’t play

Not every media player supports HD video format. When you trying to play HD video file on an unsupported media player, then you will get Unrecognized File error.

What can be done?

To fix the issue, update the media player which you are using and check whether you can play it or not. Or else download HD video supported codecs on the media player in which you want to play the video. You can download and install K-Lite Codec Pack, which has supported codecs for HD video.

2. Video playing without audio

It happens, if your video player doesn’t contain audio codecs of HD video or sound card drivers are out-of-date.


  • Downloading audio codes and installing it on your media player
  • Update your sound card drivers. To update audio drivers, go to Device Manager->Other Devices->Audio Devices on High Definition Audio Bus->Update Driver Software

3. Audio / video becomes out of sync

When synchronization value is incorrect, then audio plays before the video or vice versa. Audio video sync error is commonly known as ‘lip-sync’ errors.

Solution: Fixing the issue using VLC

Press J or K keys while watching a video having audio video sync issues. If you want to move the audio track back, then press k and to forward press J.

4. HD Video corruption

While playing HD video, it becomes fuzzy and later stops responding. And after that, it refuses to play on any media player. It happens when your HD video gets corrupted due to any reason.


Fixing corrupted HD video using Yodot MOV Repair tool. The tool fixes damaged HD video recorded using various popular brands of camera and camcorders, such as GoPro, Nikon, Kodak, Pentax, etc.


The software doesn’t alter your original HD video. It just extracts the video and audio frames separately to fix the problem area, then combines them together to produce a playable video file.

Here is the complete guide on how to repair HD video using Yodot MOV Repair Tool-

Download Yodot MOV Repair software on your system by clicking Download Now button. You will get both Windows and Mac version. Download required one. After completion of download, install and launch the software to start repairing your HD video file.

  • When the main screen appears, you have to browse for two files, one is corrupted file using Corrupt File button. Second one is healthy file using Healthy File option.
  • Note: Healthy file should be recorded using same camera or camcorder as that of corrupted file.
  • Then install the tool and run it;
  • Once you select files, click on Repair option to initiate the scanning process/li>
  • After completion, software shows repaired file along with file description
  • If you want view the repaired file before saving, then use Preview option
  • At last, save the repaired file on any location of your choice

More About Software:

Yodot Video Repair tool repairs corrupted and truncated MOV, MP4 and M4V video files. It helps to fix the video created using HD cameras, handheld cameras and smart phones and even repairs video recorded by CCTV camera. You can also make use of this utility to-

  • Fix corrupted MOV video that are large in size
  • Repairs video files that won’t play in QuickTime media player, VLC and others

Beneficial info:

When HD video doesn’t play on media player, try to play it in other media players. If the same problem persists with other video players, use Yodot MOV Repair Tool to fix the video.

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