How to Repair MOV Files on SD Card

“Hey guys, I need a accurate idea to fix my MOV file that has been damaged due to virus infection. As I had a single SD card, it was being used on different systems to carry out the file sharing process. Since some of the systems, where I used the SD card were infected with virus and other threats, all the video files (MOV) saved in it are corrupted and hence become unplayable. I went through internet but was not impressed with the information provided on this regard. Please let me know your thoughts on how to fix MOV files on SD cad or what you recommend I do? Thanks a lot!”

SD card is the most widely used secondary storage media, which has found its use on various cameras, camcorders, Smartphones and other gadgets. As we all know that the major contents of SD card is filled up with media files some which are videos, music files and photos. Sometimes, videos saved on SD card in MOV file format may face uncertain issues leading to corruption of MOV files. MOV files on SD card may get damaged due to the following reasons:

  • Virus Infection: This is the most common threat that is found with all SD card users. Once your SD memory card is infected with viruses, entire information present in your SD card  turns inaccessible including your MOV files
  • Abrupt Removal: Abrupt removal of SD card from camera or from your mobile phone, when MOV files are being played. Hence it is recommended that proper care should be taken while playing MOV files
  • Software Malfunction: Sometimes the gadgets where your SD card is used to store MOV files may malfunction due to software conflicts. This in-turn cause corruption to the MOV video clips saved in it

Once your MOV file is damaged as a result of unknown circumstances, instead of applying techniques to repair corrupt MOV files it is recommended to make use of ultimate repair utility called as Yodot MOV Repair program that can easily make your MOV file playable.

Here is the superlative answer to your problem

The best known solution in solving your issue is to use Yodot MOV Repair, which is considered as the most well-known MOV file repair tool by computer users in fixing damaged MOV files on SD card. This utility makes use of best repair algorithms to repair MOV files not playing or corrupted under any circumstance. Along with MOV files from SD card, user can also fix MOV video clip on various flash memory cards, memory sticks, iPods, hard drives, external hard drives, USB drives and so on. The best part of this repair utility is that you get the support of technical team round the clock if any issues are faced during the repair of MOV file.

Simple procedure to repair MOV file from SD card

  • Download and install Yodot MOV Repair application in a healthy computer
  • Connect your SD card to the system and then initiate the repair utility
  • From the main screen of the application, click on ‘Browse’ button to select corrupt MOV file
  • After selecting the MOV file, hit on ‘Repair’ button to start the repair process
  • View the repair progress with the help of progress bar provided in next screen
  • As soon as the repair process gets completed, user can preview repaired MOV video file
  • Once the MOV file is previewed, save it to relevant destination location as applicable to host operating system user

Helpful Tips:

  • Scan SD card with best antivirus utility to combat deadly viruses on SD card
  • Backup important MOV files on separate external storage media
  • Follow proper procedure before disconnecting SD card from computer