How To Repair Damaged MOV Video Clip

Written by Lucy John on April 20, 2023

MOV is common video format used for saving videos or movies on Mac system. With the help of compression algorithm developed by Apple Computers Inc, the size of particular MOV file is made much less as compared to other video file formats. MOV videos are now capable of being played in both Windows and Mac operating systems. MOV video file is a multimedia container that stores one or more tracks, each of which has a particular type of data i.e. audio, video, effects, etc. You can watch and enjoy your preferred MOV videos using any particular media player that is present in users system. MOV file can be saved on hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, flash drives, external hard drives etc.

In case if your MOV video clips are corrupted due to sudden crash of media player or if there is any mismatch between the video and audio streams that is being played!!! Then utilize accurate MOV repair tool to fix damaged MOV video clips effectively without any further delay.

Let us discuss some of the scenarios that cause MOV file corruption:

Description of MOV Repair Program:

Yodot MOV Repair is the best, effective and powerful tool to fix corrupt, damaged or broken MOV video clips that are not playable on most of the media players present in Windows or Mac system. With the inclusion of simple graphical user interface and strong repair algorithms, you can fix MOV video file within no time and can preview repaired MOV file before saving it to the respective destination location. Adding to the list of advanced features, the user can download the demo version of the application and can get familiar with the steps that have to be taken care of for performing the MOV repair process.

Simple procedure to repair MOV video clips:

Useful Tips:

  • Always keep backup of MOV files on separate drive
  • Maintain a good power back to prevent abrupt application termination
  • Update your antivirus application regularly

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