How to Repair AVI Video File with No Audio?

Hello friends, I have trouble in playing AVI video recorded by my camcorder. There was no issue when playing AVI video on camera, but now something is wrong as it is playing only video but no audio on my Windows system. It seems to have issue with the sound when playing AVI files. Can someone tell me why AVI files are playing with no sound and what is the solution to make them audible?

The AVI file container is a well-know video and audio data container that promises quality videos with audio playback. This file container has Codecs that are very important piece of information about coding and decoding of AVI video files. If audio and video Codecs are damaged or these are not synchronized properly, it can make file to play video only but no audio. There are couples of things which are countable for rendering AVI video files with no sound. Let’s have a look on below points:

  • AVI file audio stream can be blocked if the media player does not have proper Codecs that are required to encode AVI video/audio streams
  • In case audio and video streams are not synchronized accurately, it will make AVI file playing video with no sound
  • Incomplete download or network error during AVI file download could result cause make AVI file to play without playing sound
  • Sound cannot be played sometimes when AVI file is corrupted or damaged after header corruption, storage drive corruption or virus attack, etc

When AVI files are not playing audio along with video, you can try re-downloading AVI files or its codec pack. However if problem persist and you are unable to fix AVI file with no audio, third party AVI file repair program is best solution for you.

AVI file repair tool

Yodot AVI File Repair utility is built with an advanced scanning algorithm that has ability to repair AVI video file that is playing without sound. Similarly, this application helps users in repairing AVI file only plays audio but no video due to codec issues. This software uses simple steps to guide users in fixing AVI files playing with no sound on all popular Windows and Macintosh OS X based computers or laptops. Along with AVI video files, you can also employ this software to repair Divx and Xvid video files. This AVI file repair utility has amazing tendency to repair corrupted, damaged or unplayable AVI files with ease. In addition to fixing AVI files with no sound, it can also fix audio video sync problems in AVI files, DIVX, and XVID video files. It can repair unplayable AVI, DIVX and XVID files created by renowned digital camera and camcorder brands like Kodak, Fujifilm, Sony, Cannon, Samsung, Olympus, Pentax, Nikon and many more.

Simple procedure for repairing AVI files with no sound

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair software to your system and run the setup to complete installation process
  • Launch the installed program and follow instructions present on main wizard
  • Use ‘Browse’ option to choose affected AVI file that is playing without audio
  • After you select AVI file, click on “Repair” tab to allow the software to initiate the repair process
  • You can monitor the repair status by looking at the progress bar
  • After the repair operation gets completed successfully, the program displays your AVI video file with full description
  • The application also empowers you to view repaired AVI video file using “Preview” option
  • Finally, save your healthy AVI file to a preferred storage location

Important Tips!

  • Keep updating your media player for compatible Codecs
  • Install powerful anti-virus protection to your computer to keep AVI files secure from viruses
  • Save backup for your favorite AVI video files by copying them on other storage drives