Repair AVI File Audio-Video Sync Problems

Written by Lucy John on April 14, 2023

“I have an AVI video which I want to watch, and it seems to be a mess. When the video is played everything goes fine. But, after a few seconds, audio and video will be out of sync, either video comes first or the audio. As the video continues to play, it becomes still worse due to loss of complete synchronization between audio and video streams of AVI file. Can anyone please suggest me a good solution to fix audio-video sync problem with my AVI file? Thanks in advance.”

AVI is the most frequently used video file format to save and play movies or video clippings on various devices. Most of the sites on the internet save the movies in AVI file format as it becomes easy to download and it has excellent picture quality. However, there are certain issues related to AVI file which users experience while playing video. One such issue is audio and video out of sync AVI, as mentioned in the above scenario.

Synchronization of Audio-Video in AVI File:

AVI video file is a container holding two different streams for audio data and video data. When this file is made to play, both audio and video streams sync its data together to produce a beautiful movie. But, due to many unknown reasons AVI movie goes out of sync, which means audio of a movie will be delayed/pushed forward than the video or vice-versa. Such out of sync AVI audio video issues while watching your favorite movie/video clip really irritates.

AVI Audio Video Out of Sync:

Generally, there arise two types of synchronization problems with AVI files:

The reason behind these sync problems would be because of incomplete download of AVI file from the internet, usage of wrong multimedia player to play the video, CRC error while transferring AVI video over the network and many more. Whatsoever may be the cause behind AVI file audio-video sync error, there are ways to overcome these problems.

If you encounter Type 1 synchronization problem with AVI file, then you need not worry much. Because such sync problems can be fixed by setting a simple audio delay in Media Player or by editing the AVI file to add required seconds of delay to audio. This can be carried out on Media Player Classic (MPC), which is one of the most efficient media players that also support modulation of AVI audio streams that are out of sync.

How to Fix Audio-Video Sync Problems in AVI Files?

Download and install the MPC media player on your Windows system -> Open your out of sync AVI file and click on Play/Pause button in toolbar -> go to Audio option under Play/pause button -> check for Audio time shift button -> enter approximate time delay in no. of milliseconds (if audio is ahead of video then number should be given as positive (e.g. 500 ms) else if audio comes long after video then type the number as negative (-500 ms) -> Click Apply and then OK.

However, if Type 2 synchronization problem occurs, then it is recommended to modify the frame rate of AVI video. But this process of changing framerate is very complex and can create blunders by further corrupting the AVI file. In such a situation, make use of any third party Video Repair tool and fix AVI audio-video sync problem.

Video Tutorial to Get Rid of Audio-Video Sync Problems in AVI Files:

Best Software to Resolve Audio – Video Sync Problems of AVI Video:

Yodot Video Repair is the most convenient software to fix synchronization issues in AVI video files. The software is filled with efficient algorithms to scan and fix irregularities of AVI, XVID and DIVX video file formats that are out of sync and created on various gadgets. Also, it can be used to repair corrupted or broken AVI videos in simple steps on computers having Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista Server 2003 and 2008 OS versions. Mac version of Yodot Video Repair can be used to fix AVI files on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion and even on Sierra and macOS 13 (Ventura), macOS 12 (Monterey), macOS 11 (Big Sur), macOS 10.15 (Catalina) operating systems.

Steps to Fix Out of Sync AVI Audio-Video with Yodot:

Preventive Measures:

  • Before playing any AVI file downloaded from internet perform a security scan for viruses
  • Avoid downloading AVI files from unsecured sites and do not interrupt during download/transfer process of AVI videos
  • Don't use unsupported media players to play your important AVI video files

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