Why Windows Media Player Does Not Play Video

Written by Lucy John on April 18, 2023

Windows Media Player or in short WMP is provided by Microsoft to avail a whole handy player on user’s desktop or laptop. WMP is enough competent to play every (almost) media file that is saved on your computer. Still users face some issues in playing their audio or video files via Windows media player just like this…

“I am unable to play my video files in Windows Media Player. I received the error message “Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file”. What might be the problem here?”

“My WMP will not play video clips properly. I can hear sound but no video. What shall I do to solve this?”

“I can see only the first frame of my video file in WMP and rest is blank? If I try to play again then I get an error that states, “The video format is not supported”. Why Windows media player won’t play my video?”

Although Windows Media Player offers integral support in playing your video files, you may still run into troubles. There might be various reasons for a video that fall short to play in WMP.

You can carry-out these 5 basic troubleshooting techniques to resolve unplayable WMP video issues.

1. Opt new version of Windows Media Player:

If you have upgraded your operating system then old version of WMP may fail to play your videos. So install latest version of Windows media player that work on your operating system.

2. Get adequate codec:

Even though WMP support all media file formats, it require some codec to play specific files. For instance, you may fail to play AVI files on Windows media player since AVI files are encoded with compressor and decompressor and your system doesn’t own them. So at this situation you need to install DivX or XviD codec that makes your AVI file playable.

Get install all essential codec on computer which allows Windows Media Player to decompress a video and play it smoothly.

3. Check video file type is associated with WMP:

4. Go for alternate player or file format:

Employ other media players like VLC, which is compatible to play every file formats. Or else backup your video and try changing its format i.e. convert the video file into another formats like MP4, WMV etc.

5. Check status of your video:

If there are problems in video file, which you are trying to play then also Windows media player cannot play it. When any video file get corrupt or damage due to reasons like improper transfer, inappropriate usage, virus intrusion then WMP won’t play it, so you have to fix corrupted video files. Give a try for below method to fix your broken video via System File Checker.

If none of the above fixation helps you then repair your video file (AVI file) with the help of AVI Repair utility from Yodot.

Why Yodot to fix corrupted AVI files?

Yodot Video Repair tool assuredly helps you to fix AVI videos that are corrupted in any situations. The significant program assists in repairing .avi files that are created by camera/camcorder of various brands. The application is compatible in fixing AVI videos that are present on computer internal hard drive, external disk, media card like SD, TF, CF, flash drives, USB, iPod and any other storage spaces. Handy interface of the software endow with verify option that allows you to check repair process and also provides trouble free procedure. Along with .avi, the utility is supportive to recover broken XVID and DIVX files on both Windows as well Mac platforms.

Not only broken AVI, DIVX and XVID videos fail to play in WMP, even corrupted video files like MOV, M4V, and MP4 won't play on Windows media player. At those situations Yodot MOV Repair tool helps out to solve those playback issues.


  • Be cautious when installing codec packs since they may be malicious
  • Always possess multiple backup of vital videos

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