Fix Sony Vegas Pro AVI That Could Not Be Opened

“I have edited AVI video of my project using Sony Vegas Pro software. I took long time to edit the video and make it presentable. However, when I tried to play edited AVI file, it did not show anything, either audio or video. I don’t have backup of AVI file which I have edited in Sony Vegas Pro tool and moreover I need to mail that AVI video to my client by morning. Is there any way that instantly solve this problem?”

Sony Vegas Pro is the outstanding video editing tool which does not require any specialized hardware to run on your Windows computer. One can edit unlimited audio and video tracks using Sony Vegas Pro application. It is built with a powerful feature set with a friendly user interface and work flow to beginners. One can edit popular video file formats such as AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV, XVID, DIVX and many other videos using Sony Vegas Pro application. However, AVI videos edited in Sony Vegas Pro software will become useless if you face situation like above.

Other circumstances for Sony Vegas Pro AVI corruption are:

  • Not hitting on ‘Exit’ option: Sony Vegas Pro has an option called “Exit” under “File” menu. If you hit upon the option after editing video in it, then AVI file will play normally without any disturbance. In case you fail to utilize the option, then header of AVI file might get corrupted and it refuses to show video and audio compressed in it
  • Shutting down system forcefully: Windows will display an error message and indicate about Sony Vegas Pro application, if it is open from background during the system shut down. Seeing this message, one should cancel the turning off process and properly close Sony Vegas Pro application. If you ignore error message and forcefully shutdown your computer, then you will find AVI file in a corrupted state next time
  • Virus Interference: Even though you take many precautionary measures to avoid virus or malware intrusion, they may spread unknowingly with the usage of infected USB drive or through file download from unauthorized site. Edited AVI file in Sony Vegas Pro cannot be played if your system is harmed with dangerous viruses
  • Transfer interruptions: In case the transfer of Sony Vegas Pro is interrupted by power failure, then it might get successfully moved to the preferred location; but you will get error message at the time of viewing AVI file in media player

Sony Vegas Pro AVI repair software:

As soon as you find Sony Vegas Pro AVI file in corrupted state, you should take necessary action and download AVI repair software. Yodot AVI Repair software can be your finest choice to solve AVI video problems. This repair software will scan corrupted AVI file and examine what is wrong with it. After checking, it will try to repair AVI video by just taking the information. As its working is very fast, it will instantly repair AVI file which is not opening in Sony Vegas Pro and other video editing tools. Other than AVI file, this utility is good enough to fix corrupted DIVX and XVID file create in Windows or Mac systems. Once video file repair process is done, you are able to preview it so that you can judge about the quality and go further to activate full version.

Procedure to fix AVI which does not open in Sony Vegas Pro:

  • Download Yodot AVI Repair software and install it to your Windows computer
  • Run the application to begin video repair process
  • Choose corrupted AVI file and then give command to fix it by clicking on “Repair” option
  • Wait till the scanning process gets completed
  • Once the repair process is done, you will get a window about successful repair of Sony Vegas Pro AVI file
  • Preview fixed AVI file to check its quality and at last save it on a accessible location on your computer

Helpful Points:

  • Close Sony Vegas Pro application properly after editing AVI file in it
  • Never let viruses to enter your computer and keep it’s hard drive safe by downloading antivirus software