How to Fix Card Cannot Be Accessed Error in Camera?

Shocked to see “card cannot be accessed” message on your camera?  No worries, here is the test to conduct when you encounter this error:

  • First, verify that memory card is inserted properly on camera. If not, then remove and insert it back.
  • Next, make sure that it is formatted with the correct file system.
  • Still, the problem persists? Then, remove the card and attach it to the computer. And, see if camera card is accessible on computer or not.

If camera card is inaccessible even on the computer, then recover all your files from camera card and then format it.

Phase 1: Recover Data from Camera Card

Use a reliable memory card recovery software to get back your data from memory card. I will recommend Yodot Card recovery tool to restore card data. Follow the steps mentioned below to recover data from unmountable memory card.

  1. Download, install and run the application
  2. Select Lost Photo Recovery option
  3. Pick card and click on Next
  4. The software displays recovered file
  5. Save and Preview them

Once you get back your data from camera card, do as follows to fix the issue

Phase 2: Format the Card to Fix Card Cannot Be Accessed Error

Format the card in Camera:

  • Go to “Menu” or “Preferences” button in your camera
  • Press the Multi-controller to reach “Camera Settings” menu
  • Then, find the “Format” or “Format card” option
  • Select it and click Ok

Format the Card in Computer:

  • Go to File Explorer and select camera card
  • Right click on it and choose Format option

After formatting the card, try to access it. You can use Yodot Card Recovery tool to recover data even after formatting the camera card.