Outlook Crashes When Opening Even in Safe Mode- How to Fix?

At times when Outlook keeps crashing at startup, users start it in Safe Mode. But what if Outlook crashes even in Safe Mode? Yes, you heard it right!

This is true, even though it sounds odd. In some special cases, MS Outlook crashes even if you open it in Safe Mode rather than being started without any issue. Meanwhile, you may also notice an error related to MSPST32.DLL.

“Problem Event Name: APPCRASH”
“Application Name: Outlook.exe”
“Fault Module Name: MSPST32.DLL”
The error appeared on Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 versions.

So, let’s look into the problem – why Outlook crashes when opening even in Safe Mode and what is this MSPST32.DLL error? How they are correlated and how to fix it?

What is MSPST32.DLL?

MSPST32.DLL is an important file of Microsoft Outlook, which is required to easily access your Outlook. If this .DLL file went missing or got corrupted, damaged then users may face different problems in opening their Microsoft Outlook application, as the Outlook components become inaccessible.

Hence, Outlook crashes even if you start it in Safe Mode when the .DLL file is affected.

Reasons Behind MSPST32.DLL Corruption or Damage:

MSPST32.DLL file doesn’t get affected on its own. Irregular actions or operations performed in Outlook, external perils etc. aspects might be responsible for missing, deleted, damaged or broken MSPST32.DLL file. So, here is a short list of main factors that are responsible for Outlook crash even in Safe Mode (due to MSPST32.DLL).

  • Missing/deletion of MSPST32.DLL file
  • Large PST file
  • Invalid or corrupt MSPST32.DLL registry entry
  • Overwritten version of MSPST32.DLL
  • Virus infection on Outlook
  • Improper installation of Outlook application
  • Closing Outlook inappropriately
  • Corrupt PST file
  • Damaged/corrupted system or system registry files etc.

Now, we are aware of the main causes for Outlook crash in Safe Mode i.e. MSPST32.DLL error. So, let’s start fixing the issue.

As the basic troubleshooting run a full virus scan on your computer using an effective Antivirus tool. Also, try to restore your Windows system to a previous restore point (working).

If none of these techniques helped you then read further information.

How to Fix MSPST32.DLL Error?

Step 1: Repair MSPST.DLL file

Step 2: Reinstall MSPST32.DLL file

Step 3: Repair PST file

You can carry out the repair process via these three steps and verify whether the issue is resolved or not after completion of each step.

How to Repair MSPST.DLL File?

Go to Start menu and type command.

Hold CTRL and Shift keys together, hit ENTER button. Then, opt Yes.

Next, type regedit and hit the ENTER key.

In the Registry Editor, select the MSPST32.DLL related key that you want to backup.

Go to File menu and select Export option.

Mention destination location in Save In tab, provide File Name, ensure the Selected branch is enabled and click on Save button.

Thus, you have successfully backed up of your MSPST32.DLL- related registry entry. Now, proceed to manually edit (repair) MSPST.DLL file.

Note: Procedure to manually edit registry is not included in this article as it is of high risk (it may even damage your system). So, check Microsoft’s official site to learn more about manually editing registries.

Caution: It is not recommended to edit Windows registry manually if not you are an advanced PC user. Since incorrect usage of Registry Editor can cause serious problems.

Reinstall MSPST32.DLL File:

There are various third-party sites available for providing the MSPST32.DLL file. But, I don’t mention of downloading MSPST32.DLL from those third-party “DLL download” sites. Those DLL files might be virus infected or unapproved (not approved by the official MSPST32.DLL developer).

So, to reinstall MSPST32.DLL file, it is recommended to visit the official site of Microsoft and get your copy.

Repair PST File:

Close Outlook (if it is running in Task Manager) and navigate to C:\Program Files (or C:\Program Files (x86))

Open, Office folder and search for SCANPST.EXE.

Office folders Outlook in

  • 2016 -> root\Office16
  • 2013 -> Office15
  • 2010 -> Office14
  • 2007 -> Office12

Figure: Screenshot of Outlook 2013 Scanpst location.

Run SCANPST.EXE and Enter the name of the file you want to scan (If the file name is not known, use Browse option).

Hit Start button to scan the file.

After the scan, if any error detected, opt to Make backup of scanned file before repairing and click on Repair button.

After the completion of repair process, open your Outlook application with the repaired file.

Even after running Scanpst, if the error still persists or Outlook crashes (even in Safe Mode) then try Yodot Outlook PST Repair.

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