How to Fix Outlook Keeps Not Responding?

Facing issue with Outlook not responding? Then you are at the right place, do read our complete article step by step to fix the Outlook not responding issue.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the prominent tools which helps in sending emails. It will help in handling personal data like tasks, contacts, notes, events, calendars, etc. Sometimes due to catastrophic reasons, you might encounter issues with Outlook like Outlook not responding or freezing, etc. Don’t worry! In this article, we will discuss how to fix Outlook not responding issues. Before we move to the recovery process let us understand some of the reasons behind the error “Microsoft not responding”. 

Reasons for the Error “Microsoft has Stopped Working”

As we discussed above Microsoft Outlook is an application for “Email Clients”. Sometimes your Outlook might be prone to errors which might result in the Outlook crash error. Here are some of the reasons behind the error “Outlook keeps freezing”. 

  • When you have not installed your latest Windows update.
  • When your mailbox is too large.
  • The Outlook is loading and interfering with the add-ins with Outlook. 
  • If you have antivirus software it is outdated or it is creating conflicts with Outlook.    

How to Fix the Error “Microsoft has Stopped Working”? 

Fix 1: Use Safe Mode to Remove Add-ins

  • In the Run window type Outlook.exe/safe and hit Enter
  • Now go to the File, navigate to the Options and then click on the Add-ins and click on the Go
  • You can keep the Microsoft add-ins and remove the rest of the third-party add-ins from the window.    
go to the File and navigate to the Options and then click on the Add-ins and click on the Go

In case you are unable to fix the issue “Microsoft has frozen and not responding”, then move to the next section of the article. 

Fix 2: Check Event Viewer

If you are still unable to find out the reasons why your Outlook is returning an error “Microsoft Outlook not responding” then you can go to the Event Viewer to diagnose the issue.

  • In the Search Box type Event Viewer and hit Enter.  
  • Now go to the Windows Logs and click on the drop-down and select the Application. Now go to the items Outlook, Windows Error Reporting, or Application Error and see if you could find the error file, select it and delete it. 
Windows Error Reporting or Application Error

If you don’t find any error file then go to the next section of the article. 

Fix 3: Create a New Outlook Profile

Try creating a new Outlook profile to fix the error Outlook not working. 

  • Navigate to the Control Panel and go to the Mail
  • Now you will receive a dialogue window and click on the Show Profile and then navigate to the Add option and then click on the OK option.
Control Panel and go to the Mail
  • Type your email and click on Next.
  • Set the newly created profile as a default Outlook profile and then restart Outlook again. 

 If still you are facing issues then try repairing your Microsoft suite by following the below method.

Fix 4: Repair MS Office Suite

To repair the error you can try to fix the MS Office suite by closing all the MS Office files that are running in the background. 

  • Now open the Control Panel and then go to the Programs and Features
  • Then Right click on Microsoft Office and then select Change and then navigate to Quick Repair and finally click on the Repair option. 
Repair MS Office Suite

Once the repair process ends, then you can restart Outlook again and see if the issue is resolved else move to the next method.

Fix 5: Turn off your Antivirus software

If your Antivirus software is causing any conflicts with Outlook or any of the already installed Add-ins. Then try disabling the antivirus software. 

Fix 6: Repair MS Office Programs

Try fixing the issue by repairing the Microsoft Office programs by following these steps:

  • Now open the Control Panel.
  • Now select the Uninstall program
  • Now click on the reinstall and repair ms office and then select the Microsoft Office 2019 installation from the list and click on the Change.
  • Now click on the Repair option and then navigate to Continue.   

Fix 7: Repair Corrupt PST File with SCANPST

If your Outlook has stopped then there might be chance that your ScanPST file is corrupted. 

  • Now open your File Explorer and in the Search bar type ScanPST and hit Enter
  • Now in the Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair tool click on the Browse option and select your corrupted .pst file.
Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair tool
  • Click on the Repair option to fix the damaged .pst file. 
  • Now, wait for the process to complete and see if your .pst file is fixed or not and then finally Restart Outlook. 
fix pst file using Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair tool

There are a few limitations of the ScanPST tool as follows:  

  • It is capable of fixing the file with minor errors
  • It is capable of fixing the minor corruption of the PST file up to 2GB.  

If the size of the PST file is beyond 2GB then the Inbox Repair tool will fail to repair it. It is recommended to make use of the Yodot Outlook PST Repair tool. This tool is built with a strong repairing algorithm that can help you fix Outlook PST files and can help you recover deleted or lost emails, contacts, attachments, notes, calendars, etc. 


Step 1: Download and install Yodot Outlook PST Repair software on your Windows computer.

Step 2: After installation, launch the Outlook repair tool and make your choice among

Open PST File – If you know where your Outlook PST file is stored.

Find PST File – If you want to search for the location of the PST file in a particular drive.

Select Outlook Profile – If you want to select any particular Outlook profile to repair a corrupt PST file (in case you have many).

yodot outlook pst tool

Step 3: Browse the destination location to store the Outlook PST file after the repair process.

browse to store pst file

Step 4: Select the required scanning technique between Normal Scan (to fix minor issues on Outlook PST) and Smart Scan (to repair severely corrupted PST files).

repair corrupted pst file

Step 5: Finally, click on the Repair Button.

Final Words: 

Hope this article was informative in helping fix the corrupted PST file and providing reasons for the error on how Outlook is slow and not responding on Windows 10/11. Do share the article if you find it informative and comment down your thoughts.